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As a Croatian citizen you need a visa to enter the USA. The procedure is rather painless. But you need internet access, since the appointment at the embassy is made online. Go to the embassy's website and just follow the links. There are a bunch of documents required, but the main important thing is that you can prove you will be returning home and that you have sufficient funds for your stay. After you've made the appointment, you gather all the papers and your passport and stand in line at the embassy. Note, that there is no parking lot for visitors at the embassy building, but you can leave your car at a nearby gasstation and walk the 100 meters. The embassy is located outside of Zagreb, it kinda appears like a fortress. And no matter what weather - you stand in line outdoors. When your turn comes, you enter a little, like, porter's house, where you and your bag will be scanned by security, and any electrical devices (cell, mp3, calculator, ...) will be taken (don't worry, you'll get them back on your way out). Then you walk an outdoors path to the main building. Here is where you have your fingerprints taken, and will be interviewed by a consul in croatian or english. They always ask about the purpose of your stay and who is paying for it. The visa is ready for pick-up the next day, but if you prefer you can have it send to you. For that you have envelopes on which you write down your adress, and leave money for the postage. All in all, the whole procedure didn't last longer than 45 minutes. But still ... would be nice not having to go thru all this.


cimtech says:
Nice reading the detailed experience of obtaining the visa!
Posted on: Feb 24, 2015
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