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So, we'd previously been to Brussels, and that contrast we noticed in Brugge was again obvious as we arrived back there for a day looking around at a few things we'd seen before, and a couple we hadn't. Our first stop was the main square (again, it has some sort of famous name but just can't come up with it right now) to try to locate the waiter we'd dubbed "the best waiter in the world" on our first visit to Brussels. Unfortunately, there was a marathon on in town that day, and the obvious finishing point was exactly were we heading. This wasn't all that bad though - we'd never seen the end of a marathon live and watching the Kenyan blokes running along looking as comfortable as if they were on the couch with a beer in front of the cricket as they reached the last kilometre, and then sprinting for the finish line was pretty amazing. They didn't even look sweaty.
Anyway, we found the cafe, but service had gone downhill, our guy wasn't there and the staff were a touch surly. We had a drink, watched the presentation and headed off. Went back to the Mannekin Pis, noted he was still just as small as ever, and then went to find his much less famous and rather more graphic sister. She's locked up in a cage down a small side alley near a Delirium Tremens bar, couldn't possibly tell you how to get there, but did find it again about a year later.
We wondered through the old covered shopping arcade, and down towards the palace. We'd not been in the palace when we were there last, but it was open this time around and we went in for a look. You can tell European royalty is closely related - all their bloody houses look the same - but this one did have something pretty special. The Belgian Queen had visited Thailand and seen a very pretty green beetle thing. She liked it so much she decided to have an entire room covered in the shells of this beetle, including the chandeliers. Needless to say, the result was horrendous, and they also chose to put this unspeakably ugly room at the end of the tour, which left something of a bad feeling about the entire visit. Still, she seems to like it, and she's the Queen...

Visited a couple of churches on our way out of town, and trundled off back to Brugge for some more beer and frites.
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photo by: Vlindeke