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The cable car ride that never happened
It was early morning (around 7am) and I just finished my nine hours train ride from Saigon. Tired and feeling very uncomfortable as I was wearing the same thing I had since yesterday's adventure at Cu Chi Tunnel, I couldn't wait to get a room and have a nice hot shower. So there I was sitting at the lobby, waiting for my room to be ready. The receptionist told me that they needed to clean my room first, my mind was busy calculating all the money I had spent since I arrived in Vietnam three days ago; 15USD per night in this hotel, hmm….it better be a nice room.
Then I heard a commotion outside the door. The lobby was not that big so I could see with a clear view of what's happening outside as the wall was entirely made of glass. A caucasian man, from the look of it was a little bit drunk, was arguing with a motorbike rider, something about the rider asking for more money and the guy refused to give him more cause he thought he already paid enough.
Mr. D

Cute guy I said to myself. The argument lasted for about 10 minutes then it was all settled but I was not sure how. The guy walked in, still talking in disbelief that the rider of what just happened to him. Cheapskate, I said to myself...but a cute cheapskate hehe, I tried my best not to smile. Then he sat next to me. My heart started to race for some unknown reason (no that was a lie, the reason was very obvious…he was hot!). Then I heard him muttering something but was not really sure if it was meant for me. Sorry? I said. He was asking me where I was from (cheap pick up line haha) then I told him that I was from Brunei. Where?? he said with his face slightly exaggerated from curiosity. I gave him a brief geography lesson of the whereabout of my country (the same way I did for the other 20 people who asked me the same question when I was in Saigon).
The cafe at the secluded beach witnessed the day I was really truly happy...

Cool he said. I was not sure if he was really clear of the location of my country, but nevermind, he was cute and now he was talking to me...progress!. After a few seconds of awkward silence, he asked me a question that was so hard to believe I had to pause for a few minutes before I gave him my answer.
Mr.D: Hey, I have a nice room with like two single beds. Would you like to share it with me 'cos that would really help me a lot. It has a spa too and it's only like 8 USD per nite.
A few moments of disbelief and pleasantly shocked at the same time....8 USD?! now that is cheaper than what my tourguide was charging me for my room there!
Me: Hmm...Are you sure? I don't even know your name.
Mr. D: I'm D.
Me: I'm Nikie.
Mr. D: So would you like to share my room?
Me: it really okay? are you safe? (stupidly giggling) I mean I don't even know you.
Mr. D: Trust me...I am a good person.
Me: Can I see your room first?
Mr. D: yeah let's go.
Then we went up the elevator, the room was on the 5th floor. I was not quite sure if this was really happening, but there I was standing next to this Aussie bloke...yeah he was from Australia, Sydney. I remember my heart was racing as we got closer to the room.
The room was nice, with two single bed, one was messy with the bed was still unmade (he was probably sleeping in it) and the other was messier covered with his clothes. Wow...very unimpressive. Then he showed me the spa, not really a spa, just a triangular shaped bathtub with no shower curtain.
Me: Okay, I will agree on sharing this room with you but you have to promise me that nothing bad is going to happen...right?
Mr. D: I promise.
So we went back to the lobby. The receptionist was not very happy when she heard the news (I think she was disappointed with the prospect of losing several dollars due to our new "arrangement").
After unpacking my stuff and establishing the borderline of the room (I got the right side where his clothes used to spread...but now he just put his clothes all over the floor on his side of course...MEN.), we headed out for breakfast. I hadn't showered yet but I was also craving for some coffee. Washed my face and put on some fresh top and I was fresh again like lillies. So went outside, passing every motorbiker who offered a ride for some dongs, each of them we had to turn down cause we were too engrossed with our conversation trying to get to know each other more. I told him I was in Brisbane last year as well as Sydney but preferred Brisbane better. He told me that he was 25. That made me stop breathing for a few seconds...25! oh my god! I'm 31 for god sake! (I suddenly felt like Samantha from Sex and the City) He couldn't believe it when I told him my real age and said that I could pass to be in my early 20s (yeah right). He was just on his trip to travel around the world after finishing his study.
We finally stopped at an open air cafe. I ordered a cup of Vietnamese coffee (I wanted a regular one but they ran out) and Mr. D ordered a cup of coffee and a tiger beer. He was having a hangover and was ordering more beer. I told him that I wouldn't know how to handle a drunk person, but he assured me that he was not going to get drunk (yeah right)...and he wasn't. We carried on with our conversation until suddenly an old vietnamese guy appeared and joined us. We both didn't know but we felt sorry for his appearance and his figdety hands that we let him sat with us. He told us that when the Vietnam was happened he was very small. He used to work for the US army so that explained his good command in English. However, he was jobless now and on his spare time he worked as a tour guide who came to Nha Trang. Mr. D was the type of guy who when you look at first sight you must think that he was a punk but when you get to know him really well, he was just a boy next door who was very pleasant to talk to and always nice to people. He bought the poor guy a beer. Mr. D was looking quite happy and the vietnamese guy was really entertaining us with his stories, and then later with his songs...which was okay at first until Mr. D started singing too...boy that was embarrassing. Everyone was looking at us and just to hide my embarrassment, I covered my face with the shoal that I brought along with me (the wind was kinda cold that morning). A lady sitting at the other table saw how embarrassed I was and smiled at me. Lucky for me that nobody knows me in Nha Trang so what the heck I said to myself. I gave them an applause after they finished singing (and they ordered some more beers too...). After like an hour at the cafe we decided to move on. The vietnamese guy asked for some money to buy food, Mr. D refused at first but in the end, he gave him around 100,000 dong...what a lovely guy I said to myself.
We walked around the town and he was asking more questions about me. Then out of the blue, he asked me if he could hold my hand. OH MY GOD!!! 48 hours ago I was ripped off by a tour guide and was almost attacked by a bat, and now this handsome guy from Australia was asking if he could hold me hand... this can't be happening. Then we hold hands. WOOHOO!!! my heart was like leaping if only he could see how my chest was thumping. But I acted cool, of course if you could see my face then you would know that I was a very happy woman that day. After 31 years, no guy has ever asked me if he could hold my hand (okay that might sound pathetic but the point I am trying to make here is that I was really happy that fine morning in Nha Trang).
We walked around the town..twice.
Then we got back to our hotel room. I reminded him of our agreement (saying that we wouldn't be going to bed together which he agreed on). I took a shower...finally... and changed into my fresh clothes. He just kept saying that I was hot (you have no idea how hot I am lol). I just gave him a contented smile and lied in my bed. Then we talked some more and just when I thought things couldn't get any better, Mr. D asked if I would mind kissing with him. (Somebody pinch me). I was a little hesitant about this one for a very good reason: What if he wanted more than just a kiss?
He was very persuasive and I was very curious so before I knew it, we kissed. And boy that guy really know how to kiss. I was like screaming inside and I felt like my soul was jumping out of my skin. The kiss ended for a few minutes then after that I just had to stop him, worried if he was going to pursue for something more.
Around lunch hour I asked him if he would like to have lunch. He said he was hungry and so was I. So we went out again, hand in hand, looking for a nice place to eat. We ended up in a very nice open air restaurant with lots of tourists...that must be a good sign. I ordered some vegetarian dish and he ordered his lunch and guess what .. more beer (is this an aussie thing?) over lunch we had a good laugh exchanging jokes.
My joke:
A mortician was preparing a body of Mr. Bill for cremation. He was shocked when he saw the size of his sexual organ and decided to cut it off for collection. He went home and showed it to his wife. Then the wife screamed "Oh my god is Bill dead??"
Mr. D's joke:
One day an aborigine was blowing his horn (I forgot the name of that instrument). He played the didgerydoo for hours. God was watching him from heaven and decided test him by taking away half of his brain. The aborigine kept on playing on his horn. Then God took half of what was left of his brain, still the aborigine played on with his instrument. Then God decided to take all of his brain, the aborgine stopped and started singing the Hakka.
I laughed (I actually got the joke) and he was surprised that I got it. No offence if you are a kiwi.
After lunch we wanted to go on a cable car ride. He called for a motorbike, and (ok this is funny and dangerous at the same time) both of us got on it. So it was like an acrobatic show only the chance of getting fined by a police was really high. So I was sitting sandwiched by Mr. D and the rider...when I think of it again...that was probably the silliest thing on the road that day.
The cable car was proved to be too expensive for us, so we changed our plan. The rider was very helpful and persistent on trying to please us, so he took us to an amazing place. Somewhere in Nha Trang, there was a secluded beach. No one would know that place unless some local take you there. The beach was beautiful and best of all very quiet. We sat together, him sipping on his beer and me just happy and enjoying every second in his arm. I just sat there quietly recording every moment that was happening that day.
It was getting dark and we decided to head back to the hotel. He asked me if I would like to go out with him that night and I agreed openheartedly. I took a shower and changed to the only best dress I had with me during the trip. 15 minutes later I got out of the shower, and there he was, Mr. D looking ever so peaceful, snoring his way to never never land. Oh well, things can never get any better and I changed back to my short and top and sleep in my bed.
The next day, we both woke up and he asked me why I didn't wake him last night. I told him I didn't want to disturb him and I remembered he told me that he hadn't slept since the night I arrived in Nha Trang. He was quiet that whole day, and I didn't want to ask him why. My plan was to stay in Nha Trang for only a night then fly up to Hanoi. Probably we both didn't want to get too attached so that it would be easier to say good bye.
We spent almost the whole day in our hotel room except for lunch. Time went by really fast especially when you are having fun. On the last day of my stay in Nha Trang, we exchanged our emails and bid each other farewell. He kissed me for the last time and wished me good luck in Hanoi.
At some points, I do wonder what would've happened if I woke him up that night.
PS - We never contacted each other eversince I left Nha Trang.
sweettangerine says:
Very sweet story :-)
Posted on: Aug 20, 2013
this is so cute =)) that's one of the good point if you travel around alone :>
Posted on: Dec 07, 2011
lauro says:
love will find a way.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2009
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The cable car ride that never happ…
The cable car ride that never hap…
Mr. D
Mr. D
The cafe at the secluded beach wit…
The cafe at the secluded beach wi…
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