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It was an exhausting day! HJ and I woke up and got ready early-ish in the morning to have brunch at Laduree on Champs Elysees. We walked in to Laduree and tried to find the restaurant part of the store. Was promptly informed that Laduree closed down the restaurant/food part of the store! Now it is just a sad little macarons and souvenir shop. LAME. We went to Chez Clement instead. It was a cozy restaurant (everything in Paris is pretty cozy, by cozy I really mean crowded), with an indoor garden setting. We were seated by the window; it was great for people-watching. Food was great. We ordered a 3-course set brunch with drink. Good stuff.

After brunch we took the metro to Place de la Concorde. Beautiful day, beautiful space. HJ needed to head over to Chanel and it was down the block. Chanel was chanel. I wanted to check out the department store, and so we went to Printemps. They were having some amazing sale over there and it was super crowded on the sale floor. After waiting for at least 20 minutes for a fitting room, I tried on something. I really liked this little black dress, but something was broken on the dress. Talked to the salesperson and she said instead of the regular 30% off, I would get 50% off. It was originally 237 Euros, and after 50% off was a little over 100 Euros. I mentioned something about 100 Euros and she said okay, let\'s make it even, 100 Euros it is. I bought a dress for 100 Euros. WHOA. It was an all-silk dress...

Didn\'t feel like looking around more (didn\'t have money look around more). We left Printemps and I wanted to check out Galeries Lafayette. Department stores all look the same and that particular one was EXTREMELY crowded. After stepping in for 3 seconds I proposed leaving the store. Well, technically, I can still say I have been to Galeries Lafayette.

We decided to check out this vintage store in the Mairie district. We passed by the Opera House. It looks magnificent. HJ insisted on visiting this Starbucks nearby. Totally worth the visit. If one doesn\'t know better, one would have thought it was a fancy restaurant. There were chandeliers, velvet chairs, classically decorated mirrors etc. NICE place but it was, again, SUPER DUPER crowded.

We started our long walk to the vintage store. Witnessed some motorcyclist went crashing on his really bike. Vintage store was super crowded (or cozy, if you must). I found a purse and a belt. I love the purse. It even has a little key so I can lock the purse. It was a bit on the expensive side. It was 20 Euros for a used bag, but the material, according to HJ, was genuine leather and it looked sturdy enough (my $8 purse was falling apart).

HJ also really wanted to bring me to this cake shop, Le Noir. By cake she really meant pie. IT WAS YUMMY. Also because we were cold and hungry. Although, to do justice to the cake shop, the chocolate pie cake was truly amazing. When one thinks of chocolate cake, all one can taste is the sugar and the milk chocolate and really, just sugar and a lot of sweetness. However, the chocolate I had there was truly chocolate-y. You can actually taste the coco.

We were both pretty tired after the cake, and we went home to rest after cake and got ready for a Saturday night out. HJ did my makeup and I was actually very happy with it. We met up with her friends near Odeon, where all the university students are. We went to this bar called the Moose. It was a typical sports bar, and it so happened that they were playing the San Francisco 49-ers vs New Orleans game. Donc, there were quite a few Americans there. HJ group of friends were rather diverse, in that everyone came from somewhere. It was funny because I had just arrived there and didnt really know anywhere and one of her friends just came up to me and said hey do you want a tequila shot. I was like... WHOA I just got here and I dont really know anyone here! I think I ended up taking one, but it wasnt until later. I first ordered a cranberry vodka, and everyone was teasing me about it. I think someone said to me, what are you, 14? I told him he was an asshole. It was all good. He is actually a pretty friendly guy. Oh, he is Korean Italian. C'est interesante, non?

So in that group, there were Koreans, French, Italian, Brazilian, Russian, Lithuanian, et moi, une Chinoise Americanne. Thats what I love about traveling and meeting new people. You realize the world is really big and you meet people from places you only read about.

The night was funny. I think everyone was drinking enough to be having a lot of fun. I also met an American from San Francisco. Funny how I became more American in France.

HJ and I got pretty hungry after we got out of our metro station, and we wanted to go to McDonalds (or McCafe, I should say. Everything is fancier in France), but unfortunately it was not a 24-hour McDonalds. We settled for some Korean instant noodles at home, paired with Kimchi (biensur) and HJ was munching on my M&M the whole time. It was a good time.

Thus concludes my third day in Päris.

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