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I am in Paris! I can definitely see myself living here.

Got on empty flight from Dulles to CDG. Had the whole row to myself; felt a little like being in business class (not really), because I could actually lay down.

Took me a while to navigate from the arrival gate to the RER train platform. I won't say the French transportation system is the most straight-forward. And I have been to Paris before already! Got off the RER and after a few hauling my luggage back and forth inside the metro stations, literally walking in circles, I finally found the line I should be getting on. I'm not gonna lie, I was cursing the metro station a few times. This French metro system isn't really very handicapped/old people/people with large suitcases-friendly! At one point I had to carry my luggage up three flights of stairs. Let's just say if you saw/heard me at that time, you wouldn't want to talk to me.

Hyunji's apartment is cozy. Very neat. I settled my things, showered (boy I needed that) and had a croissant. She had to return to work after her lunch break and that meant I got to tour around OECD HQ! I got my own visitor's card. I was I was pretty cool.

She went back to work and I walked over to Trocadero because HJ said there are a lot of things to do/see. Little did I know it was THE SPOT to view the Eiffel Tower from! I was rather moved when I saw the Eiffel Tower. I mean, yea I knew I was in Paris, but I had just started walking around on my own, navigatoring, going to the supermarket, trying to take the city all in (no pun intended), and BAM! THE Eiffel Tower! I think I knew right there and then I can see myself living there. It's just a feeling I have. Like, when I visited DC and the bus passed by all the embassies, I knew that was the city I wanted to be. Or maybe I'm just romanticizing it way too much. I'm not sure yet, but DC works out fine for me, so far.

I hung out around the Trocadero square for a little more. Walked down towards the Tower, had a chocolat crepe, hung out around more. Took lots of pics. Some guy tried to talk to me in French (in French!) I answered. Ended up conversing in English. Ended up with him getting mad at me for not wanting to "get to know each other". He had some bad running shoes on; I can't deal with men in bad running shoes. Saw the Eiffel Tower in flashing lights. Lots of lights.

Got hungry and cold and feet were tired. Walking back to the metro when I saw a bunch of people walking into this museum looking building. Followed the people (it always works!) and it was indeed a museum. Was surprised to find out, depending on which wing, it closes at 9pm and 10pm. It was a super cool museume, the Paris architecture museum. The permanent exhibition includes parts of old cathedrals and buildings. So literally, there would be an old stone door here, and a random series of statues here from this part of the building, and then this elaborate archway there. Cool stuff. I love staring at buildings and this is a museum full of pretty parts of buildings! The temporary exhibition was pretty cool, too. The theme was Paris hotels. Learned about the different histories and functions of rooms. Have you ever wonder why there are always so many random sitting rooms in a palace or huge mansion? Like a huge, ornate room with just random chairs that no one ever seems to sit on? Well, yea, I learned a little bit about those rooms and apparently there are different kinds, too.

Wanted to hang around more at the museum (hey, I paid 10 euros for that), but found myself falling asleep at the video presentation room. Fell asleep as in I was just sitting on the bench and next thing I knew I woke up falling sideways. Got up, mustered up all my strength, left the musuem. Good thing the metro stop was right around the corner.

Got back to the apt, reading while waiting for the Koreans to come back. Almost fell asleep reading. The girls came back. Met the roommate and determined that she was nice and friendly. Chit-chatted with HJ for a little bit before we were both really sleepy. What an exhausting day!

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Just went over some of my entries and photos and was reminded of all the fun and crazy things on my past travels. I should really keep a better record of my trips. There are so many things I am going to forget which I don't want to. I will try to, from now on, be more diligent in writing my travels down, here or elsewhere.

I am a little nervous about going to Paris. Even though I am going to stay with some friends, I am expecting to roam around by myself since they all have to work. I have written on here before contemplating traveling alone, but I couldn't do it at that time. It was a scary thought. Now that I think I am older (in no way wiser), I feel a bit more comfortable (but really, not a whole lot yet) traveling alone and doing things alone and not care about not having friends with me. Isn't that the point of me going to Paris - to get away? I suppose this trip is my way of starting with a clean slate, and traveling by myself and not with someone from my "past life".

Now I am excited.

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