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I ran to see the Liberty Bell. It was alright.
Since I can't fall asleep, perhaps it is time to relive some of my out-of-state trips.
Going to Philly wasn't really a trip, since I was only going there for an interview. However, once arrived in Philly, I found the city rather intriguing, and so I decided to walk around before and a bit after the interview.
Downtown Philly is very much like New York City - very crowded, busy traffic, narrow streets, gorgeous buildings, but yet a block later you find yourself in a rather ghetto area. Very lively nonetheless.
However, as I was walking around, I realized I might not want to move to Philly after all. When on the streets of Philly, I was instantly reminded of living in NY, the noise, the people, the constant need to avoid traffic. While it has all the NY buzz, it lacks the NY attitude and the elegance and the sassy-ness that all come with being in the same city as some of the smartest people in the world.
Some church?

Here is how I spent a whole day in Philly.
I arrived in the city a bit early, but it took me a while to find affordable parking. Despite my effort to find cheap parking, I ended up parking in a nice garage in the middle of all the commercial buildings. Needless to say, I paid quite a bit for a few hours of parking.
After I walked out of the parking garage, I proceeded walking around downtown, admiring all the beautiful architecture around me. It looks like everything is very well-kept - the modern buildings look very new and recently renovated, and the classical buildings look very pleasing to the eyes and frequented. I must say I was quite disappointed at the shopping situation in downtown Philly. Since I was in desperate need to find a toilet, I naturally searched for a shopping mall.
Independence Hall
It took me a few blocks and an immense amount of patience and self-control to find a starbucks. For that, I was not very happy with the leisure activity in downtown. Hence, it wasn't as lively as I hoped it would.
I walked almost 20 blocks to my interview place (it was a very stupid idea to park so far), but a pleasant walk nonetheless. In the 20 blocks, I believe I have walked from the most elite Philly area, where all the banks and ibanks and financial firms with pretty offices are, to the ghetto parts of Philly, where 99cents stores were common occurrences and the passers-by appeared much less appealing. It seemed to me that the rich and the poor were merely separated by one block.
Unfortunately the interview took place in the worse part of downtown Philly, and it has not really helped me in getting excited about the job.

After the interview, I passed by Chinatown while walking back to the parking garage. I stopped by and purchased a few buns and frozen foods. The Philly Chinatown is quite similar to the NY Chinatown, as in both places are authentically Chinese habitats. I was very pleased with my discovery.
The long walk back to the garage led me to pass by the LOVE sign in a park, and many other busy streets. However, I was not in the mood to stop and admire all the sights since not only I was carrying 3 bags of food, but I was getting closer and closer to being in the rush-hour traffic (which I ended up being in anyways).
Driving out of Philly was terrifying; traffic was bad and I didn't like driving with so many other cars.
All in all, I don't see myself living in Philly anytime soon.
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I ran to see the Liberty Bell. It …
I ran to see the Liberty Bell. It…
Some church?
Some church?
Independence Hall
Independence Hall
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City Hall. It was a rather gloomy…
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