The sanctuary of Aphrodite

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I start of the day by going to visit one of the main places of Aphrodite worship in Cyprus. It is just off the coast in a small town. From the site there is a nice little view of the Mediterranean Sea. There is a small museum at the site which displays some of the findings of the area including some nice mosaics and a couple of old vases and some displays of how the nearby town managed to escape capture by digging a tunnel under a siege ramp used by the Persians. The tunnel were held up by wood but when the locals set the wood on fire the tunnel could no longer hold the weight of the big Persian siege ramp and it collapsed. Down in the rubbles of this old siege ramp the archeologist have found several arrowheads from all the arrows used during the siege.

Out in the area there are a few remains but most of the old columns and other constructions have been used in later day buildings. I got the feeling that the old church next door might have found some building material pretty nearby. Out in the area there is also more mosaics but after Pafos I am a bit harder to impress but they are ok.

There is also so plant life at the site and I think some of the plant are actually plants which is related to Aphrodite but I am not absolute sure because I cannot be bother to walk back and look at the display telling which plants is related to the goddess.

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The sanctuary of Aphrodite
photo by: tj1777