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Long before the arrival of the knight joining the crusades to the holy land the city of Salamis were an important city and harbor of Cyprus. It used to be one of the original kingdoms of the island and it is mentioned in the old writings of Homer.


The city flourished as a trading port in ancient days but later the harbor silted up and the port were moved a bit to the south to present day Farmagusta. Hence the mighty city disappeared only leaving the ruins behind. Compared to many of the other ancient cities of Cyprus there is an actually a lot to see at Salamis there is several big ruins which are pretty well preserved compared to the other spot of the island. I guess only the ancient Kurion can really compete when it comes to the scale and grandeur of the ruins.


One great thing of this place is the number of visitors.

Even though it is the biggest tourist attraction in the area there aren’t really a lot of people. Sure there are a few tourists looking around but the place is pretty big so you can easily wonder around and get to places where you can’t see anybody else. This is great advantage when you are wondering around such a place.


The first major attraction of the place is the roman bath which is in a huge complex and there is still quite a bit of the original building remaining in the place. There are also a few headless statues around the bath area. The statues lost their head because the Arabs coming to the area considered them pagan representations of ancient deities. After the bath you will be getting to an amphitheater but there is not a lot remaining from the old amphitheater. The big theater next to the amphitheater on the other hand is in very good condition and is the second main attraction of the place along with the bathhouse.


After visiting the theater it is time to explore the rest of the ancient Salamis. The rest is a bit more spread around a fairly big area - hence it is time to put on the hiking booths and have a look around the place. There is both some newer building in the form of old cathedrals but there is also a giant temple to Zeus which is in a pretty poor condition. When I am wondering around the Zeus temple there is a bit of a noise made by some sort of animal. I assume it is a tiny rodent of some sort like a rabbit perhaps. But then I see what it is - a nice little blackish snake. I am a bit surprised to see a snake here in the middle of winter I thought the snakes would be hibernating at this time of the year - but I guess not. I guess if there is a snake around this time of the year you really should keep a look out during the warmer time of the year if you go visiting the ancient Salamis - there gotta be lots of snakes around the area in the midst of the summer.

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