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I guess you can look out and see the sunrise/sunset from these nice verandas

I head up the mountain going for a small town called Platres. This area got the high season during the summer when people go up here to get away from the heat down at the coast. It is also famous for activity based tourism like hiking and mountain biking. A bit further down the road is another small town which is also famous for being the best (only) ski area of Cyprus.


Platres had its heyday back when the rich and famous wanted to get away from the summer heat in the pre air condition times. Royalty came to visit - like the king of Egypt - and the leaders of the British administration of the island. Then they invented air condition and beach holiday and the town went a bit downhill.


So I get to town and given it is low season I expect to be facing rock bottom prices for the hotels. I go in to the first hotel - and it is closed hmm must have gone out of business. I just try the next one instead - also closed - next one closed. Forth hotel - closed reopening March. Oops this is not looking too good all hotels seem to be closed for the season. There goes my bargain price accommodation - now it is a question of getting accommodation and not the price of it. I have to go ask at a local minimarket if there is any hotels open - and the man tells me yes there is one just two minutes down the road up the hill. Ok got to get up the hill then - and I finally got a room for the night.

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I guess you can look out and see t…
I guess you can look out and see …
Looking out early in the mornnig
Looking out early in the mornnig
Nice little house in Platres
Nice little house in Platres
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Main street Platres
Main street Platres
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