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It is December and I am getting way too tired by the short days and constant bad weather in Denmark. I need to get away to some place with longer days more sunshine and higher temperatures. For the sunlight something like New Zealand, Tasmania, Antarctica or the southern parts of Chile and Argentina would be perfect. But unfortunately these destinations do not really fit my timeframe and my budget - hence I need to search closer to home and soon I give up on South East Asian and the Caribbean area they are also too far away and too expensive.

So I am kind of stuck with the Mediterranean area. Italy and France are probably too cold and Algeria is not very suited for a quick tour for the moment. Hence my choices are a bit limited and for some reason I get to go to Cyprus. This is in most people’s mind a charter destination - and I don’t do charter tourism. But I guess Cyprus just got to adapt to my ideas - I am sure it can be done.

After all Cyprus has been known to adapt during its long and somewhat turbulent history. The country has one of the longest and most changeable histories of any European country. Being a home to ancient civilizations it soon became a battle ground and have been ruled by a long list of foreign countries, like Greeks, Egyptians’ under the Poletemeaus, Romans, Byzantine, French, Venetians, Genovenese, Ottoman and latest the British and now the island is divided between the northern Turkish dominated region and the southern Greek dominated area.

Hence I get on my no charter airplane and go to Lanarca - well actually I do have a stop in Budapest given there is no direct connections from Copenhagen to Cyprus. But I do manage to get there and I get to the airport - and there I am and I need to get to town given the plane landed at stupid o’clock. I am ready to go and the man opens the door to the car for me - but this is wrong he is opening the wrong door. But no he did not make a mistake they have placed the steering wheel on the passenger side in this country - great my chances of getting killed on this trip just went up about 2.000 percent. Well I get to my hotel place and it most certainly the end of any kind of activities for the night.

ptrjakson says:
The kyrenia cyprus beautiful region offers so many ways of spending your holiday, that you will never regret to have chosen the city called “the most beautiful end of Cypurs”
Posted on: Jan 25, 2010
Pearl510 says:
Nice blog :) Makes me want to leave this rainy and cold place to!
Posted on: Jan 13, 2009
Jacqinmiddenamerika says:
Congrats on your featured blog!!
Posted on: Jan 13, 2009
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