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Apart from Nha Trang the other easy weekend trip from Tuy Hoa is going up north to Quy Nhon. It was 2 hours on the local bus and then a quick motorcycle trip to get to the expensive (for me) hotel I'd booked myself into for a weekend treat. The four star Saigon hotel is by the water and I had a wonderful view of the beach and the peninsula. It was a bit creepy on the first day as I think there were only about 5 people there in the 7 or so story hotel. They also have piped music (in this case Christmas Carols, including a disco version of Silent Night) that plays until 10pm, on every floor, over and over again.

I don't think I'm that much of a demanding person but at 9pm when I wanted to sleep I nearly went down to reception and screamed at them to stop the music please. But I just turned up the tv instead and luckily it stopped at around 10. Oh and someone came and opened my door during the night, then closed it and went away which made me wonder about security a bit. But there was a great rooftop bar/restaurant which got the sun but also a nice cool breeze and served great cocktails.

I walked around quite a bit but didn't have a map most of the time and so tended to get lost alot. I tried to find the handicrafts store run by disabled workers but when I finally did it was closed.  But it was interesting to pass the almost shanty town that must be the poorer part of the peninsula.

My favourite part of my trip was wandering in to an openair fishing boat factory and seeing the boats being made. Everyone seemed happy to say hello and didn't seem to mind me walking around. The town is like a cross between Nha Trang and Tuy Hoa, not too touristy but with more tourists walking around than Tuy Hoa. There is a swimming beach at the leper colony but I didn't have the energy to get there on the last day, preferring to read up on the rooftop bar of the hotel and look out at the ocean with its fishing nets and little huts and to watch the large container ships come into berth in the harbour.

On the Saturday I got a motorcycle tour from Barbara's Kiwi cafe. My driver took me to two different Cham tower complexes. One in town, the other out into the countryside.

The latter was larger and on a hill. The only other people there were two young guys sitting inside one of the towers, otherwise it was just me, some birds and insects and the towers. The driver then took me to a nature park some distance away, with a little river and white boulders to climb along. Again there weren't many people around, a few families in some of the picnic huts placed along the river. Its quite a pretty area. I also got taken to the museum to celebrate  a local warlord. Didn't really get alot out of it, but there was a long house with displays from different mountain tribes (tribes isn't the right word but I can't think of it at the moment- cultures?). There was a local school group visiting the temple and some Vietnamese (?) tourists looking around the museum.
fishing boat factory
It was quite a peaceful day tour.

I'm not use to motorcycles but have started to get use to riding on the back of them here in Vietnam. I've seen several accidents on the roads, including at least one which was fatal. The scariest thing occurred today when I head a school girl next to us scream with horror as her friend in front fell off a bicycle and into the path of a truck in front of us, which luckily breaked and served in time to avoid her. Riding on the back of the cycle you understand why they use the horn so much (ie constantly), you can tell how quickly the truck behind you is bearing down on you from the sound of the horn and how quickly it sounds again.

I like Quy Nhon alot more than Nha Trang but this may have been because the weather was much better and the ocean looked blue instead of grey. It has less restaurants and shopping but is quieter and more relaxed. At night I could watch the life on the 'board walk', women selling rides in little cars to kids, teenagers playing beach volley ball, and people buying drinks and just sitting around. But I think I staying out a bit from the main centre of the town so that may have influenced my opinion of the place quite alot.

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fishing boat factory
fishing boat factory
Quy Nhon
photo by: droonsta