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The two little schools we teach at are at the Fishing Village nearby but all the other places are not really within walking distance. So we get driven around by taxi. This is quite convenient but does mean that it took us a while to feel like we actually knew where anything was. It does mean that we know the taxi drivers quite well. This weekend we decided to take a taxi to see a site that the Nha Trang photographer mentioned to us. I forgot the name (but Googling identifies it as Da Dia beach), but it was about an hour up the coast from Tuy Hoa. So its between Tuy Hoa (its 40km from Tuy Hoa) and Quy Nhon. Todays taxi driver had one english CD, which he thought he'd put on for us english speakers over and over again.
One song "I'm so lucky lucky" got stuck in our heads and became our trip anthem. I'd never heard it before but apparently its popular in Vietnam. As we turned off the highway and followed a small road to the coast the scenery became quite interesting and we made the poor taxi driver stop so that we could take photos of people farming and walking across bridges, I'm sure he thought we were quite mad and was cursing the boss of the taxi company for making us take his taxi through the mud.
We didn't actually have any idea what we were going to see, which added to adventure, so we were really impressed to arrive at some beautiful rock formations on the coast. There were a few Vietnamese families and tourists there and we climbed around on the rocks, watched the waves come in and looked out at the sea.
The hexagon formations come about from "frozen" larva that stopped when it hit the sea and then the tubes broke leaving the hexagon face (well this is what random searching on the internet says).  Then as the sun set, some of the men sitting around stood up, took what I thought were just big baskets to the sea, jumped in and rowed (with one oar) out to their fishing boats. We were so fascinated that we watched as the sun set and our poor driver got nervous about driving back on those roads in the dark. But he finally managed to gather us back into the taxi and we headed back to Tuy Hoa with our lucky lucky anthem.
That night we decided to give our cook Chi a break and fend for ourselves. We walked out of town (well I thought it was out of town, the "small town" goes on forever) and found one of the many empty hotels, and had dinner in the deserted restaurant. We managed to drink a whole bottle of the local Dalat wine and got a tour of the empty hotel and all the different rooms.

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Tuy An
photo by: kristine_hardy