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The icy window and the start of the scraping

OMG! The alarm went off way too early this morning!  We had got home late the night before from Paris and we had to be up early to get to Amsterdam, which is about 1.5 hours from Brett's apartment to pick up Lynn (Bluemoonadventure), James (Pearcetoyou), and Julie (fjm1006) to start our country hopping adventures together!  They are going to have to be serious troopers to survive today.....flying all the way from the States and going to Germany for a meet up - going to be a crazy long day for all of us, especially for them though!  Very excited they were coming - Julie, Lynn, and I all live in Sacramento and I actually know Julie off the TB site so this is even more surreal to have her coming all the way out for this (both Lynn and Julie decided to join the AMS meet up for NYE within the last week or two - talk about spontaneous girls!  Love it!)  And James.

Work it baby! And yes, I can tell you are laughing at me since I had never seen this before!
..well, James and I go "way back" to his first Vegas meet up days in March and we hung out for a few days in KC Missouri for his meet up in June.  I was excited to tour Europe with James before we head off to Amsterdam for NYE. 

When we had left Paris yesterday, it was by far the coldest day since I arrived in Europe almost 2 weeks ago.  Well, this morning was no different - the cold had me chilled right to the bone as soon as we walked outside.  I hurried into Brett's car and noticed the windows were covered in ice.  And yes, here is where my Southern California roots show - I had never seen an ice scraper!  Brett had to scrape the windows of the car and of course, I had to take pictures of it! LOL. 

Off to Amsterdam we go! 

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The icy window and the start of th…
The icy window and the start of t…
Work it baby! And yes, I can tell …
Work it baby! And yes, I can tell…
I can see! I can see!
I can see! I can see!
photo by: liekevo