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the darkness of Cabo's toll road.
A big responsibility of my job is getting people to and from the Airport.  Sometimes people have flights that leave at say 7am or 8am, which normally isn't a big deal because the sun rises here are amazing.  This morning, Josh Orendi needed to be dropped of at the airport for his 7am flight, so we are cruising down the highway at about 5am.  In 2002 they held the Asian Pacific Economic Conference in Cabo, causing the state to built a toll road that cuts right through the dessert.   Well there are farms back there and goats, cows and ostriches (to a lesser extent) sometimes wander along the road.  So we are cruising along, it is honestly pitch black and I am nodding in and out of full consciousness since I had no REM sleep from the night before.   Off in the distance, about 100ft in front of the car, I gray curvy line about five feet above the ground becomes visible.  I really made nothing of it, but then Josh says, rather calmly but authoritatively enough, "watch out." as we bring the car around the turn, horns, a nose, a nose ring, and white bull feet come into view.  Going at about 45miles per hour, I swerve around this bull, just missing it as Josh pulls his leg up and presses his arm against the dash preparing for impact.  I was so tired that it took me about another 5 minutes to realize how bad that could of been.  Luckily we are alright.  Damn you Black Bull!  Damn You!
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the darkness of Cabos toll road.
the darkness of Cabo's toll road.
Cabo San Lucas
photo by: kanaknaidu