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This morning I spent my time finding out how to pay my bills from afar with out paying $7 a month for online payments, and the conclusion was have my parents forge my name on my checks.  So that was fun.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  I then took Jerry's fraternity brothers back to the Airport.  Near the Airport are these mountains that I really want to climb but I don't know how to get there without walking through the dessert, so after I dropped the people off, I did a little exploring and got to see a little of the "real Mexico,"  Very Dirty, lots of garbage and graffiti, and with Mexican underemployment of about 25%, i was a little wary about riding around the backroads, next to the desert, in a new suburban.  Anyway, that was fruitless so I came home and began drilling into concrete so I could install curtain bars in my room.  I must say I did a pretty nifty job on them.  Now I just need some curtains. then I completely washed my room so it can be pure and clean.  Mexico is very dusty, and it gets everywhere.  I am trying to devise a plan to keep my room as clean as possible.  I'll let you know if it works.  anyway.  This took me all the way to dinner. 
Highlight of the Day...We head to Raphael's, so far my favorite restaurant in Cabo.  Jerry (my patron) and Florence (his Wife) like to eat and if there is something on the menu that you like, they want you to order it, and if there is anything left on anyone's plate, they expect me (the slave as Jerry calls me) to eat it.  So at Raphael's Jerry orders the crab cakes for apps, I eat half, Florence orders the escargot, I eat half, and another guest does not want her shrimp/seafood bisque, so I eat that as well.  Then the meal arrives, I ordered the Fillet Mignon with the pacific Lobster, Delicious.  Florence orders the Cornish game hen, and I had already agreed to eat half of that.  Jerry had the BBQ Duck, He has me eat some of that. and then another guest doesn't want her Chicken so I eat part of that.  By the end, I am feeling surprisingly we have desert and I have chocolate cake and a glass of milk.  Well I get about half way done with the cake, when suddenly I feel like I have lead balloon expanding in my stomach and it needs room.  I politely excuse myself from the table, move with purpose to the bathroom, close the door, and vomit into the toilet.  Now I know this sounds like a total waste of delicious food, but with all respect, I did get to taste the food twice instead of once so I really got double my money's worth, which aint so bad.  After that I felt much better, returned to the table and no one was the wiser.  

In two days I'll be in Guadalajara.  I'm pumped. 
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Cabo San Lucas
photo by: kanaknaidu