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Okay, so Jerry has 30 alumni from Cal Gamma here to try and raise money to buy them a new house.  Well call gamma was at Berkley, and they have been trying to recolonize for several years and some of these people have been here before.  Well I spent all day picking them up.  One of them is a total nerd named Leo, in his late 40s and a environmental analyst dealing with ground water and factory discharges for the state of California.  Anyway, so were going out to dinner but we always have a cocktail hour before we leave.  Well Leo goes on and on about how has recently learned how to drink and appreciate tequila, "you just drink a little" he says over and over again.  Well that great Leo, but you just had about 30 of those little shots.  Anyway, we make it to dinner and I get stuck next to Leo with the extra seat to my left.  I'm a little cautious but I'm the kind of guy who thinks he can make the best out of any situation.  Boy am i wrong. Now this guy is hard to listen to sober, and he starts to go on an on with some ridiculous rhetoric about the civil war and comparing George W. Bush to Lincoln, with no openings to attempt a conversation coup'd'tat.  Well after this topic ends, Leo brings up an event that has apparently haunted him for some time.  It seems that the last time Leo was here, Jerry made some crack about him having a government job.  Well he tells me this and starts to go on and on about "I understand the other side, but what are you going to do if some company dumps a thousand tons of sludge into the state's water system.  Someone has to be there to make sure these things are addressed."  Now I remind you that there is no one next to me and everyone across the table is engaged in long term conversations with their neighbor, so I just stare at my water glass as I swirl it in my hand, and nod politely, waiting for a moment to make some sort of escape.  Well that moment never came and after about 5 more minutes of this, I put my glass down, touched both sides of my glasses with my index fingers, audibly said, "oh my God." (he was too drunk to know) and got up and walked out of the restaurant.  I did it with such direction that half the table thought I was ill and was making a b-line towards the bathroom.  Well I went outside and called Derek and vented fore about 5 minutes.  After I got off the phone, I paced for about two more minutes, collected myself, and walked back in to the restaurant to face the rest of the evening.  But I panicked and mad an unnecessary trip to the bathroom.  From there I sat down and grit my teeth.  Luckily Leo was borderline passed out by this time and I only had to deal with random spurts of annoying babble but the damage was already done and the night just went on and on.  By the time we left my head was pounding and my muscles tangled.  When I got back I tried to go out but Derrek and Barret were both tired and opted not too.  Losers.  Thanks for letting me vent.

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Los Cabos
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