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Sun Rise at Jerry's.
              After talking all this greatness about the sunrises, I decided I should get up early one day and take a kayak out to watch one.  Well today was that day.  I got up at 5:30, headed down to the beach, and started towards the water.  I originally went down in a sweatshirt, sandals and my blue hoodie.  I had planned to take the hoodie off but it was too cold so I decided to forge ahead with it on.  Well the sky was already looking amazing and the sunrise was still about 25min away.  The waves were being really weird this morning, a lot of undertow; so much so that there were actually white caps headed towards the sea from the shore.  This made getting into the water a little dicey, but I made it in just fine.
After a morning paddle
  As I was paddling out past where the swell really get going, I was hearing flopping all around me.  This is typical every morning.  The manta rays are up feeding, and "rumor has it"  they jump out of the water and belly flop to scare fish towards their schools to be eaten.  Well they were jumping all around me.  The closest being 20ft away.  As I was watching a few in the distance, I saw this group fins poking out of the water.  I thought to myself, "OH MY GOD! A SCHOOL OF SHARK!...AWESOME!"  So I paddled over to check it out.  Well obviously it wasn't sharks but rather a school of manta rays, and when their close to the surface, they lift their "wings" so that the tips of their fins are above the water and they look like shark dorsal fins.
Rocks of Cabo. Rock I jumped off of not pictured.
  With this revalation I started chasing theses little groupings of fins, but if you get to close and disturb the water, the start to dive.  So instead what I started to do was spot a school and line myself up so they were heading right for me.  They would continue on their way, jumping right towards me, and when they got close, they would swim about 4-6ft under my kayak.  It was amazing.  It was like sitting on a cloud and watching birds glide underneath you.  Well with all this manta ray watching, I nearly missed the sunrise, but I caught it just in time as the orange sun rose over the blue water, with long white clouds and the sky lit a blend of pink and purple.  The sea was so calm yet in motion, that the kaleidoscope of colors it produced reminded me of and LSD trip I had never been on.  It looked sort of like the Macintosh screen savers from the late 1990's early 2000's when they were super trippy.  I sat there and watched the sea from my kayak for about 20 minutes until the sun had risen high enough that the pinks and purples had faded, all the while being ever vigilant for rouge whitecap coming at me from shore.   I then paddled in and read a book Jerry wants me to read and give him a synopsis of. 
                 Following breakfast, I decided to go and do the rock jumping I had tried to do the day the car got stuck.  So I went down and grabbed a kayak, stayed away from the sand, and headed to the marina.  I pulled up and dragged my kayak to the docks.  A man named Marcos informed me that the only place I could legally get into the water without the permission of one of the dock managers was about 500ft away.  Well luckily after walking only 100ft with my kayak, one of the dock managers let me use his dock to get in the water.  Let me tell you, paddling a single person sea kayak through the busiest marina in North America (per Derek), is a trip.  I was dogging yachts, sail boats, glass bottom boats.  I had some second thoughts as I came close to the mouth of the marina, but I kicked my fears to my feet and pressed on. 
                 Going out the rock formation I wanted to climb, was no problem.  Though it was far, the wind was to my back so I made it there pretty easily.  But after circling the "Shark's Fin" (a lot of shark fins in this blog) watching the waves wash in around it and checking the depth of the water near by, I'm pretty sure people don't jump off the shark's fin.  But that's okay because I know there is another rock formation people do jump off of, luckily enough because some guy was jumping off it as I passed on my approach to the Shark's Fin.  Since paddling to the point was such a breeze, paddling back turned out to be a real pain, but eventually I made it to the rock formation I was looking for. 
                 The waves were also washing around this one and it was crawling with large crabs, about the size of an average hand, and sharp with sea crustaceans all around it.  Luckily, I brought my sandals just in case this sort of thing might happen.  I eventually found my way onto the rock and pulled my Kayak up, and began to climb.  Now since Barrett's family is in town and Mike's girlfriend is here, I was all by myself.  Being wet and climbing up a steep rock formation that hangs over a rough sea, was not really as great as I had hoped it would be, and the fact that if I did fall and crack my head open, it would be in Mexico, didn't help my anxiety to much. So after a slow go of the climb, along with some second thoughts and not-gonna-happens, I made my way to the top.  At this point I wasn't really scared, I figured jumping was safer than actually trying to climb back down so I gave it a good one...two...three and jumped into the sea.  I felt like I fell a good ten feet through the water and when I came up I was way closer to the rock that I wanted to be. I did this two more times, for a total of three jumps, but it's just not that fun when you're by yourself, so I packed up and went home. 
                The paddle back was quite the battle and I decided to stop by the beach rather than make it all the way to the Marina.  My shoulders were like rocks, and I had to carry the kayak all the way back to the parking lot, you know, that 500ft.  So I paid some Mexican to watch my kayak while I ran and got the car.  Well when I got home I was about to pass out for exhaustion.  The rest of the day is just details. 
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Today I did nothing but read and watch Showtime's "I Cant Believe I'm Still Single."  Also, Mike and Deb got me this Awesome Stir stick.  I don't know how I am going to be able to safely transport it across four continents, but I will do my absolute best.
Sun Rise at Jerrys.
Sun Rise at Jerry's.
After a morning paddle
After a morning paddle
Rocks of Cabo.  Rock I jumped off …
Rocks of Cabo. Rock I jumped off…
Cabo San Lucas
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