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The sides of the head make excellent handles
So one of the things I was really hoping to do before I left Los Cabo was to go marlin fishing.  Well the cheapest marlin is fishing costs $200+, which I was pretty convinced was not going fit into my budget.  Well too extremely kind guest decided to take me fishing as a thankyou for helping them out throughout the week.  Well we were all set to go at 6am this morning.  Now for me the only experince I have in cabo is at Jerry's place with the sun beating down and it is hot, hot, hot, so I showed up only wearing a button up shirt, shorts and flip flops.   Well, once we got in the boat and bought our bait,  we headed straight out to the pacific where it was a little rough...30 mph winds were gusting across the sea, the waves were crashing over the sides of the boat, and the sun some how managed to stay behind the one strip of clouds in the sky.
I think I found the reason all of you Chihuahuas have gone missing ma'am, you had a hammerhead shark in your pool.
  In so many words, I was quickly freezing.  Well after about three hours of shivering, holding my body as tightly as possible to concerve body heat, trolling a lure through the shallows of baja California, we move back towards the Sea of Cortez to start the deap sea part of the fishing.  Here, the wind wasn't so bad and it heated up a little, but I was still shivering.  Well, all that changed the second I got a hit on my line.  I was still cold and wet but it didn't seem to matter, I might have a marlin on my line.  I am fighting and pulling at this thing trying to get is closer to the boat.  After about 15 min, we had seen nothing, just fishing line decending into the abyss.  One of the guests said "well we know it's not a spear nose fish, those jump out of the water when you reel them in.
Nearly got my finger
  You must have a Durado."  which is a really cool/ugly fish with brigh blue and yellow coloring.  That was cool with me.  But then I get the first glimpse of the fish as it come to the surfice and I see a big dorsal fin come out of the water.  I'm staring at the water, fighting with the rod, and say to the rest of the boat in sort of shocked, unsure tone..."I think I got a shark."  "A shark?"  I waited for a little bit untill I could get another good look at it one more time..."yup, a hammerhead shark." Well it took me another 20min of fighting with this thing before we could pull it into the boat.  By that time my wrists were useless, my pinkie and ring finger wouldn't even close on my left hand.  Needless to say, I was exhausted.  I spent the rest of the boat ride in the front, under the sun, and now I have a cherry red face.  We brought the fish back to the house, we have it on ice.  We might try to eat it or we might just get it mounted.  All in all it was an amazing day! Thank you Ken and John for the trip.  Another thing off my list. 
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The sides of the head make excelle…
The sides of the head make excell…
I think I found the reason all of …
I think I found the reason all of…
Nearly got my finger
Nearly got my finger
Group Photo!!!
Group Photo!!!
Los Cabos
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