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So We have some Sea Kayaks here at Jerry's Place and I decide to take one out and paddle down to some rocks out in the ocean, which I like to paddle through as the surf come in and out.  So I paddle down their and start scanning the rocks, attempting to draft a plan of action.  Just then I notice a man walking on the beach, kind of looking at me while walking sideways down the beach.  I took me a second to notice because his tan was pretty complete but the guy was totally naked.  This wasn't a big deal to me and I shrugged it off and refocused on my paddle.  I paddled a little further down past a few more rock formations I wanted to include in my run.  These rock formations extended into the beach and kind of separated the beach into little nooks and you couldn't see between the two.  So just then I see the naked guy coming down the beach from the adjacent nook, looking at me again.  We were both wearing dark glasses so we couldn't make real eye contact, but I knew he was just about staring at me.  I decided to ignore it, Line up again for a run, made a quick circle, and when I came around, the dude was standing there buck naked, staring at me and masturbating.  To say the least, I was a little disturbed by this.  I then Paddled to the other side of the rock formation and prepared for the next run.  I looked over my shoulder, and saw the dude scampering over the rocks, again, buck naked right towards me.  At this point I am very Interested in heading home, so I quickly pass through the rocks and leave the naked dude to collect his things and make his way to wherever he was going. 
 On my way home, a Manaray Jumped out of the water about 30ft away right over my right shoulder, so I turn and paddle straight to where I saw him.  I paddle out there and nothing happens for quite some time.  I figure I scared him and he's not coming back, but just as I am about to turn back, the manaray launches out of the water about ten feet directly infront of me.  Its large body, they're about 5ft across, flapped through air, about 5ft out of the water, then flopped right back into the sea.  It was pretty amazing.  I paddled a little further, waited for and encore but nothing every came, so I turned home and came to shore.  Crazy paddle nevertheless.

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Cabo San Lucas
photo by: kanaknaidu