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I woke up at 8:30 this morning to pack because Fahdili Helpers, which I learned today is now Fahdili Community, was coming to pick me up at 9:30am, but according to Joe I could expect them closer to 11-11:30pm.  Low and behold they were there at 9:00am, but I was ready in plenty of time.  We loaded up the van with 9 people, all of their luggage, and the driver.  Needless to say the car was packed so tightly, that when we arrived, people exit the car through the windows.  The car was also really run down, so much so, that the motor would die as soon as you take your foot off the gas.  Every time the driver changed gears the car would jerk forward or backwards.  The best part was the original knob at the end of the gear-shifter had worn away so it had now been replaced with part of an old corn cob.  At our orientation I met the other 22 volunteers, the most Fahdili Community had ever had.  The volunteers were from all over: the U.S., Canada, Australia, and England.  We were also introduced to the Fahdili staff: James (coordinator), Cleopus (administrative manager), Joe (Finance) and Boniface  (public relations).  The whole thing lasted about 2 hours and then we had lunch. James said we needed to hurry because it was suppose to rain and some of the spots would be hard to reach if the roads turned to mud.  After lunch learned where we would be staying.  I found out that I would be staying at Rachel’s (which I had been told is the best location you can get) and that I would be working with Dr. George at WEMA Hospital (which I was also told was the best you can get) so I was flying pretty high.  After lunch Nan, a girl from Canada, and I were dropped off at Rachel’s place.  The place was very nice. I am no longer in the slum, though not far; the house has large flat-screen TV, lovely living room space, bunk beds, and an actual tub, but still no hot water.  Nan and I dropped off our stuff up stairs and decided to veg out.  I regaled Nan with my adventures in Cabo, especially attempting to make a wallet out of a shark’s skin, then how Jerry found water in Scottsdale. After about 45minutes, I decided to let Nan talk.  Just when I was learning about her family, Leslie and Sara walked in.  They were a pair of lasses from Britain who were volunteering for a month in a small town 2 and half hour away called Nakuru, but were staying at Rachel’s until Monday.  We all just sort of hung out and talked about what we hoped to do tomorrow with our day off.  After about an hour of this, Cleo came back with a dude named Feng from China.  He had been working in orphanage in a small town called Gathiga for the last two months and now wanted to spend his last month in Nairobi.  We all continued to chat.  I swapped passports with Feng, checked out each other’s visas (he had a US student visa and I had a Chinese visa).  It was a pretty lazy night.   Feng showed us some pictures of his work in his small town and an adorable video of this three-year old sitting up as he nods off to sleep.  It was a lazy night. 


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photo by: easyjobrob