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Derek, The guy I work with, and I got up a little early, 8:00am, to head into town to pay a parking ticket one of our guests got.  In Mexico, since they don't have the computer database we have to keep track of tickets and what-nots, when you have a violation, the officer takes you license plate and gives you a ticket.  You hold onto the ticket so if you ever get stopped again and you don't have your plate back, you hand the officer ticket to show him you have one but you are waiting to pay the ticket, which takes about two days to process.  Anyway we went down this dusty old road at the end of town where they have the prison and the place you pay your ticket and pick up your license plate.  Luckily Derek knew one of the attorneys walking out of the government building and got our ticket reduced to about 20.00usd.  Then Derek and I had some breakfast in town, did a little shopping and went home.  When we got there, Jerry and Florence wanted to go shopping for furnishing the four new apartments they are building. We went to this cool little/large shop with a lot of brightly colored mexican art, pottery and woodwork.  It was in an old building with stairs that went every which way, almost like an Escher schetch. it was very open and had a lot of natural light.  We didn't buy anything, we just looked.  When we got back I did a little sea kayaking.  I got a little daring but mostly stupid and tried to paddle through some rocks formations near the shore as the waves came crashing in.  I did it just fine but it was a tad exhilerating.  I'll try it again tomorrow.  Yesterday, one of our guests had cooked us dinner and while we were cooking, I asked him for some advice on being succeful.  He thought that was a good question and said he would think about it and write me a list of suggestions of being a sucessful person.  Well today he came to me and asked if we could sit down and go over the list.  I agreed and was very excited since he had spent so much time on creating a specific list just for me. But as he began to talk and go over his list, a baby gray whale was popping up out of the water right over his right shoulder.  It did this nearly the entire time we were talking and it was so hard to pay attention.  I stopped him at least twice to have him see the whale but everytime it turned around it went back under the water.  Anyway, as soon as we had finished, I ran down to the beach, grabbed a Kayak and raced after where I had last seen the whale but it never popped up while I was in the water.  Following my attempt to make first had contact with a marine mammal, we went to dinner to zippers with Jerry, Florence and the interns and had a very lovely time.  We found out that Jerry is a registered Republican and Florence is a registered Democrat and they are close personal freinds of John McCaine.  They say they have tried to get him down here but he is always so busy in March, they could never do it for the ALA.  Maybe I'll see if I can get him down here before I go.  Anyway, I have to sleep.  The night sky looks like a piece of dark Navy cray paper with pinholes where light shine through for stars and one big hole punch for the perfectly white moon.  Good night
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Cabo San Lucas
photo by: kanaknaidu