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aah! just before mum left.

ok, so its been a while. so long in fact that i got told that tumbleweed was seen blowing across my blog. apart from the last 3 weeks ive been pretty much doing nowt!

i stayed with my lovely surrogate parents, chris and mike, outside the city and just worked, worked worked!

i was lucky enough to go to cirque du soleil and took marc with me. mike and chris also took my out a few times to various places that i probably wouldnt go and see otherwise. like along the north coast and some parts of the blue mountains. also went out partying with marc for his last night in oz, a good night out. so good in fact that marc nearly missed his flight home!

finally, after slowly counting down the days my mum arrived on 19 october- hoorah!

after having a brief wander for a couple of days we decided to do a campervan relocation to melbourne, as mum was going to visit her friend. and of course i love melbourne so i tagged along! we drove for 2 days along the hume highway, most of which was pretty boring. although we did do a detour through beechworth where ned kelly was in jail, and then drove through glenwrowan where he had his last shootout before being captured.

after i sent mum off for 2 nights with her friend i headed into the city then to st.kilda. it was so weird being back. and even weirder seeing my pals i'd met along the way, tallia, who was my roomie in st.kilda, and abbie, who i met in adelaide. we spent the night catching up and having a few drinks before my aussie mate dave and his pal came and picked me up, as i was staying at dave's house.

catch up with another good friend the next day for dinner, emma, who i worked with while in melbourne. not long after getting back to daves, he arrived with his sister and their new puppie, chica. it is the cutest pup EVER (sorry hollie, after you of course!) and spent the rest of the night going "aaaaahhhh" and generally being a complete sap!

my last day in melbourne was spent with mum taking her to st.kilda then into the city. at night we went to the crown casino for dinner, a little bet, and the famous fire show. early night as we have to be up at 3am for the flight back to sydney!

its been great having my mum here and doing the sightseeing stuff that i havent done. we went to the blue mountains for a couple of days which was amazing. i could have stayed longer. walked across the bridge (mum wasnt keen on the idea of doing the bridgeclimb!), went around the various markets, aquarium, wildlife world, up the sydney tower, and generally having a holiday! although ive worked the odd day here and there, as we've been staying in a very nice guest house i havent felt like a backpacker!

mum is just on her way back home now, so im sad, deflated, and not looking forward to keeping the purse strings tightened! i will get some photos up in the next few days.  


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aah! just before mum left.
aah! just before mum left.
photo by: Sunflower300