an unfortunate incident with cling film!

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what do you mean i dont look anything like an ice queen?! shame its blurred. real shame!!!

so the first weird event of the day was meeting an australian girl at work (funnily enough!) who had lived in thurleigh for 3 months last year and been a nanny for a family in colmworth!! (for those who dont know, colmworth is the next village to the school i worked in)

the next weird event was ladies night, and it was fancy dress tonight. so my room mate had this fantastic idea of someone going wrapped up in cling film- genius!! and what dope said yes? well of course, moi! we eventually decided that i would be an ice queen and got some silver glitter and made a crown (out of foil and cardboard!) to make it more realistic! oh, and every queen has to have a wand! (see, wilden, my creative skills are not going to waste out here!)

after the third attempt at 'wrapping' me up (yes, indeed like the leftovers from dinner!) for the third time, and after a few confidence drinks (i had to walk down the road remember!) we sussed it out! dont worry ma and pa, there was foil protecting my not-so-modest modesty! i managed to last about 2 hours before i nearly passed out from a) sweating so much and/or b) needing a wee desperately! so i unwrapped myself in the toilets (what a picture im sure you must be imagining!) and came out half an ice queen! dont panic, i had spare clothes in my bag!

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what do you mean i dont look anyth…
what do you mean i dont look anyt…
photo by: jendara