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after a cultural day i was chilling out in room in the evening when a guy in the bed across the room (unmade!) stumbles out of the room, 5 minutes later comes back in again. so, being polite i ask how he is to which he replied "not good, im on medication to come off drugs, im in a lot of pain"! OK THEN! after 5 minutes of feeling really uncomfortable i decide i would go read in the kitchen.  another girl from my room and i check that this guy is booked into room (which he is, with no bag or passport!) and decide to chat outside as neither of us wants to go back to room. one of the other guys in the room heads off to bed so we figure we would be ok to go as well!

so after getting to sleep with my music on (the guy tossing and turning and groaning) i wake up about an hour and a half later after hearing a loud noise... it was the guy falling out of bed (top bunk, and for the 3rd time apparently) then he spends ages stumbling around room trying to find the door. as you can imagine i (and probably a few others in room) was totally freaked out and decided we should go speak to reception.

i felt sorry for the poor guy, but a hostel (especially a 10 bed dorm!) is not really the ideal place to go cold turkey, and so he was taken out of the room and (i later found out) went to hospital to get sorted out.

what an eventful night! like i said before, something to write in the diary i guess!

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photo by: cimtech