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the rainbow serpent- one of the few creation stories known in all the various aboriginal clans across oz.

ok, so pine creek was like days ago! we are most of the way around kakadu now!

after some culcha at the bowali visitor centre we drove to ubirr (ooobeeer!). apart from being just before the border to arhem land (aboriginal land, need a permit to go there) it is also one of the 3 main rock art sites. apparently there are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of rock art sites but  only 3 are open to the public as most of the paintings are sacred to the aboriginal people.

the rock art here was even more amazing (oh, forgot to say about another slideshow on rock art last night!) and because we had a bit more information from the slideshow it was interesting to see what the guy was tallking about. the art was even clearer than at anbangbang and there was more of it.

these holes are where they ground up the ochre and water to make paint.
the aboriginals use art as a way of teaching others about their creation stories (sometimes called dreamtime stories- about how everything came to be and about how they should live their lives, ie. laws, finding food, etc). once the story had been told the picture wasnt needed any more and was often painted over, which is why there are layers of pictures on the rocks.

(i hope you're learning lots! i'll be testing you when i get home!)

(oh, and i now want to be a tour guide/ranger!)

we headed off to do walk nearby but the route was shut due to cyclone damage! so we went to cahill's crossing, arnhem land being the other side of the river. despite the big croc danger there were people fishing for barramundi IN the river! marc wanted to hang around for a shot of someone being snapped up but i wasnt so keen! and yes, we stood safely away from the waters edge on the lookout platform!

our last night in kakadu so we celebrated by cooking battered fish with egg fried rice, peas and sweetcorn! hey, when you've had tuna pasta, tuna rice/pasta rice for the last week and a half you do tend to get a little excited about something different! all cooked on one stove by the way (ive been converted to camping well and truly!). it was delicious in case you were wondering!

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the rainbow serpent- one of the fe…
the rainbow serpent- one of the f…
these holes are where they ground …
these holes are where they ground…
the view across nardab floodplain.
the view across nardab floodplain.
a turtle. the aborigines feel unde…
a turtle. the aborigines feel und…
a freaky tree!
a freaky tree!
croc bait.
croc bait.
Pine Creek
photo by: koala