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the infamous cane toad r.i.p.

a nice leisurely morning stroll around a monsoon forest to awaken the senses! heehee! cant believe how hot it is even at 9am. as we were walking i happened to spot a dead toad hanging on a branch just above eye level. 2 pretty cool things about that are firstly, we later found out that it was a cane toad. a bit more info for you- cane toads where introduced into queensland to eradicate some bug on the sugar cane. they then realised that the cane toad has no predators and even if it gets eaten it will probably kill whatever has eaten it! so obviously their numbers have got way out of hand, they are a threat to the native wildlife and they are slowly spreading across oz. so to see an 'alien' (as they are known here) was pretty cool. the second interesting thing was where the toad was. basically in the wet season the river floods that much that the level of water is above our heads! and the toad must have got up there during the wet season and just carked it for some reason! well thats what ranger jodie and ranger marc rekoned anyway!

just before darwin we stopped off at adelaide river where they have the famous jumping crocodile cruises. luckily we were on a small boat and sat right at the front for all the action! seeing a croc jump up a few feet next to you is not only amazing but as you can guess a little scary! so the skipper dangles some lumps of meat over the water and the croc jumps up to get it! and its natural behaviour too, although it does look a bit circus like. apparently a survey was done on the river a few years ago and they found an average of one croc every 75 metres!

(photos to come!)


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the infamous cane toad r.i.p.
the infamous cane toad r.i.p.
Pine Creek
photo by: koala