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try 1- bum surfing!

another early start- whoever said this backpacking lark is a holiday was having a laugh! breakfast at 7- cereal, toast, fry up, the lot!!!

we were at the lake by 8.30 for waterskiing and it was already boiling! marty, the boat guy, sorted our wetsuits out from the shack and what did someone spot? yep, a huntsman spider in the shack!! my first spider encounter since being here! ive been dreading it, but it wasnt as tarantula-like as i imagined. still bloody awful though! at least there harmless (like thats supposed to make ur heart beat normal again!!!).

so anyway, back to the waterskiing. i'd done it when i worked in greece so i knew i was capable. but did that stop me bum surfing the first time trying to stand up? or drinking the lake the second time?no! luckily i managed to get up third time (thank goodness!) and it was rad (radical- see, i know the lingo already!).

im not smiling, im choking! the lake water? not good!
after five minutes ro so (and when my arms were about to fall off!) marty started making huge waves for me to go over and i managed it! even when he did a really sharp turn so i went outside the wake (the smooth part behind boat) i managed to stay up! what fun- although i know i'll pay for it tommorrow.

after we had all had a turn (like, four hours later!) we drove up to mount kosciuszko (kozzie osko!), the tallest peak in australia. as we'd spent so long waterskiing we literally had time to walk five minutes to a lookout (where i nearly lost my hat it was so windy!) then back to the bus.

so, the next leg of our trip was a four hour heart-stopping drive down the mountains, along the snowy river then back up the other side of the mountains! i know im a drama queen, but i thought i was gonna die!! (sorry ma + pa!) it was a road, no sorry, a dirt track, that had enough room for 1 and a half cars across (im in a bus, remember) and a sheer drop down the mountains! the scenery was absolutely amazing but every time i tried to take a picture (and my eyes off the track) it spooked me! those of you who know what an awful back seat driver i am can imagine me with no control at all! yes, scary! and then there was meeting other cars, and of course, a bus!!!

we finally arrived at the organic farm in gelantipy with jelly legs and high blood pressure! room was more hostel like but seemed ok.

she's up! what a pro!
we have to take our shoes off before entering any room, and theres a temple as well! hippy heaven!

dinner was  all organic and grown from the farm- pasta, salad and bread, delicious! although we were crammed in this minituare house/hut with another bus load! our bus lot headed outside rooms and chilled out on grass with music and beer- perfect! apart from me being paranoid i was gonna get bitten by a spider or something!

a few of us went to the bonfire where the other bus load were. no, they werent singing kum-by-ah but they were playing the 'say your name, where your from' etc! what fun! and we couldnt escape so we joined in. we had to work out our porn name also- im sheba stringer, nice to meet you! we made a quick "toilet" exit when the games moved on to, well lets just say, ruder things!

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try 1- bum surfing!
try 1- bum surfing!
im not smiling, im choking! the la…
im not smiling, im choking! the l…
shes up! what a pro!
she's up! what a pro!
the gang up mount kosciusko (im 2n…
the gang up mount kosciusko (im 2…
the barry way. the dirt track that…
the barry way. the dirt track tha…
see how wide the track is?!!!
see how wide the track is?!!!
but look at the views!
but look at the views!
this is the rock that sits on the …
this is the rock that sits on the…
the famous snowy river.
the famous snowy river.
photo by: polvandenwirre