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the amazing whispering wall

up at 6.45- god, what time are we gonna start drinking???!!

our first stop was to see the worlds biggest rocking horse!!! yes, really! what an accolade! then on to a huge curved dam called the whispering wall. it was amazing (no sarcasm this time!). half of us walked along the top to the other side then down a few steps and basically you can whisper and the people over the other side (140metres away!) can hear you as clear as day.

our first tasting was at jacobs creek (hoorah i hear you say kerry!). it was really weird driving through and being where they grow the grapes and make the actual jacobs creek! we even drove through the creek (well over it if your gonna get picky!). they have a fancy visitors centre, and theres us rocking up in our jeans, etc! loads of yummy wines to taste and fab views.

in case you cant see im 16687km from london!

then to richmond grove, lunsh in a pub, shomething elsh, errr, cant remember.

ha, not really! after lunch we go to a family winery called bethany, again really pretty views. it was up to us this time what we tasted, apparently we are wine connoisseurs now (well, not if i cant spell it though!)! there was about 40 on the list! and i actually enjoy port now! crikes, its all down hill from now!

our last winery was vinecrest, but they were a bit stingy! bloody scanky backpackers!

it was a really good day and guess what? i didnt get drunk! i think i was too concerned about all the wine i had to drink, as well as the bus drive home i must have taken it easy!

spontaneously (and no, not because of the wine!) i decide to book a 2 day tour to kangaroo island with the other 2 girls. some guy pulled out at the last minute so i thought, why not!


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the amazing whispering wall
the amazing whispering wall
in case you cant see im 16687km fr…
in case you cant see im 16687km f…
its HUGE! but totally useless!
its HUGE! but totally useless!
im in jacobs creek!
im in jacobs creek!
the view from jacobs creek visitor…
the view from jacobs creek visito…
wow, i have to drink how many glas…
wow, i have to drink how many gla…
photo by: shirlan