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the train! (in case you hadnt guessed!)

ok, so i TRIED to get some sleep... i didnt actually get much though! the odd hour or two here and there. its about as comfortable as an aeroplane with maybe a little more leg room. but knowing you have 2 nights there kind of makes you feel pressure to actually sleep!

we get woken up by the cheerful (and somewhat repetitive) captain telling us that breakfast is now being served, followed by an automated lady (even more cheerfully) telling us the same thing! they obviously havent spent a night in one of those chairs to be that chirpy!

had some yummy scrambled egg on toast while going through the nullabor plain (nullabor meaning treeless!) so you can imagine the scenery wasnt much to look at! actually, the sun was shining which made the sky really blue and the dirt really red.

the scenery!
although i did expect to just see a vast expanse of red dirt (like you imagine in the outback) but it was actually covered in small salt bushes. the train line is the longest straightest piece of train track in the world, fyi! and thats how they can call the journey 'epic' apparently!

i decide if i was to have any chance of surviving the journey with my sanity intact that i should remove my watch, so as not to time watch! my day was spent first of all watching pride and prejudice (do you see what they did there? clever huh!! no, not really) then 'relaxing' in the lounge area. relaxing entailed filling in (lots) of sudokus, reading the bible (lonely planet that is, in case you'd forgotten!) and not managing to start the book i had bought with me! as you can guess the day went vvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy sssssssllllllllloooooooowwwwwwlllllllyyyyyyyyy!

we did get a chance to stretch our legs just before lunch in a place called cook, which is like one of the furthest places from anywhere in the world! and can you believe 4 people live there, FOUR! it used to be quite a town years ago but i can see why they all left!

after a particularly yummy veg lasagne with roasted veg i head back to seat for a while (ya know, for a change of scenery!) before we had a 3 hour stop in kalgoorlie boulder.

more trees!
which, can i just point out now, was non-stop fun. i dont think im over the excitement now! no, joking aside, there wasnt much to see/do and within an hour of leaving the train antonia and me were back on it! we just cant keep away from it! kal is where they found gold a long time ago and still mines now. there is a superpit we could have gone to see where they still mine but we didnt want to pay the $20 to go on the tour! as the only people on the train were oap's and backpackers we figured the coach would have been full of moaning ol'people! joke!

decide to cover up with the complimentary towels tonight as the air con last night got pretty chilly! im glad i bought a neck pillow back in adelaide!

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the train! (in case you hadnt gues…
the train! (in case you hadnt gue…
the scenery!
the scenery!
more trees!
more trees!
cook, where only 4 people live!
cook, where only 4 people live!
the nearest town to cook is how fa…
the nearest town to cook is how f…
the nullarbor plain
the nullarbor plain
check out my new fella! paddy hann…
check out my new fella! paddy han…
yes, the sudoku book was practical…
yes, the sudoku book was practica…
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