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look at me-im at the top of the bridge!

well here is my final oz instalment i guess- aaaaah!

so after the cricket (what a let down eh?) i flew to canberra to catch up with my aussie friend jason who i'd met in england a few years ago.

jase showed me the sights of canberra, stuff i'd been to before on my bus trip to melbourne but it was good to get a proper look at stuff, not just rushing around.  the next day we headed into the alpines (yes, believe it or not australia gets snow!) to hike up mount kosciouszko, the highest mountain in oz. we took the chair lift up the first part, it was weird, i felt like i was about to go skiing! it took about an hour and a half to walk up (2280m) where we sat, enjoyed the view and had lunch before coming back down again.

as the weather forecast was looking good we decided to drive to the coast the next day for a few hours but by the time we got there the weather was pants! jason took me to heaps of nice beaches where he comes on hols and then we ate chis and fips back at batemans bay- luvlee!

a short (3 hours) bus journey back to sydney and back to my 2nd home with chris and mike, as all the hostels are fully booked over new year!

so, new years eve a big group of us headed down to mrs macquaries chair, where the view across the harbour is one of the best- you look left and the opera house and bridge are in the picture.

ta dah!
after queueing for about 2 hours we spent all day just chillin on the grass, waiting for the fireworks in the evening. and of course, because im here, the weather is pants again! cold and windy, but luckily not raining. just as well i bought my packamac with me hey!

and the wait was definitely worth it! the first lot of fireworks went off at 9pm for the kiddlewinks so they could bugger off home, and they were spectacular. there were about 8 floating platforms spread out along the harbour, one being directly in front of us- result! by the time midnight came everyone had stood up and made their way as near to the edge as poss, and it was unbelievable. it was a really strange feeling to see the new year in without family or home friends around me, or not singing auld lang syne but it is one i definitely wont forget.

the next week was spent basically sending stuff back that i couldnt fit in my rucksack, having goodbye drinks with friends, sunbathing on bondi (only once, but it had to be done!) and generally dossing! oh, bumped into more people from back home! in a club in sydney, in the toilet queue (where else?!) and katie french (from school) was standing there! and she was travelling with beverley (sorry i forget her surname!). 

oh, and how could i forget about my bridgeclimb! 3 and a half hours in total, after safety talks, breath test, etc etc and it was just amazing. i decided to do it at night and i was so right to do it then. it wasnt scary at all and i loved every minute, as you can probably tell by the photos!

it felt so weird finally leaving oz, its been the most amazing and memorable year of my life and i wish it could have gone on, but i guess i had to return to reality some time!


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look at me-im at the top of the br…
look at me-im at the top of the b…
ta dah!
ta dah!
photo by: Sunflower300