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mirima national park. a bowerbird nest- impressive!

after we do the 3 walks around Mirima National Park (which take all of an hour!), which is similar but heaps smaller, than the bungle bungles, we head to the celebrity tree park. yes, rolf harris has planted a tree there! out of roughly 30 trees i knew about 5 of the people who have planted the trees!

we then head off to zebra rock gallery where they sell, yes you've guessed it, zebra rock. obviously local rock but it isnt found anywhere else in the world- pretty cool. they also give you food to feed the fish down at the ord river. this was ace. apart from eating the day old scones (there was nothing wrong with them!) the catfish and other fish loved the bread. bloody heaps of them, including a gigantic catfish! it was a whopper! and there were archer fish which spit at you! so marc, being the canadian he is, lays down on the jetty with a piece of bread hanging above the water and low and behold a fish starts spitting at him! apparently thats how they catch flies but bloomin' hilarious to watch!

in the afternoon we drove to the hoochery. this is the only legal rum distillery in western australia. of course we had a few tastings... and they were delicious! the rum and coffee cake was out of this world!

we headed to kelly's knob (heeheee!) for the sunset with some cans of bundi(rum) and coke and it was gorgeous.

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mirima national park. a bowerbird …
mirima national park. a bowerbird…
kellys knob!
kelly's knob!
a boab tree- very common at the to…
a boab tree- very common at the t…
spot the huge catfish!
spot the huge catfish!
my bread...no mine...no mine!
my bread...no mine...no mine!
photo by: Morle