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jodie- friend to the stars!

so the games are finally coming to a close. we head back to federation square to watch the closing ceremony. dont get such a good spot but some people leave early so we jump right in! the ceremony itself was much better than the opening, but the atmosphere wasnt as good, despite john farnham singing 'you're the voice!'. only me that seemed to be singing at the top of my voice (as usual!)!

i was gonna head home after (hey, it was a sunday night, work in the morn!) but decided to run back to my friends who were going for a few cheeky ones! one of my other mates, roz, volunteered for the games and got to go to the closing ceremony itself so we were hopefully going to meet up with her.

anyway, in the irish pub we meet what appears to be a couple of guys dressed as dame edna (loads of them in the closing ceremony!).

dame ednas (well, scottish team physios actually!)
we later found out they were actually physios for the scottish team! so we latched onto them and just so happened to be heading to the last lap- the official athletes club- like they were! considering we were wearing thongs (oops, i mean, flip flops!) and hoodies we did well to even get to the front door, let alone past it!

there was a wicked atmosphere, all the athletes and teams letting their hair down! there was probably hundreds of big stars there but i hadnt a clue who any of them were! although we did hang around with the scottish team. my mate and i decided that we were gonna make the most of our night hanging with the athletes by staying till the end (probably 7am!) then heading straight to work! crazy i know, but even crazier, i didnt drink!! (sorry karen, i know you were expecting more from my drunken diary!)

the best is still to come though! as a few of you already know (ive been telling the whole world!) mr linford christie walks in!!!!!!! yes ladies, along with his lunchbox! so, ever the geek i have my pic taken with him. roz (who is v.attractive) gets chatting with linford and as the club closes early (like 3am!) we head over the road to the casino with linford and his mate! (who turns out to be dalton grant!!). so theres linford and dalton hanging out with us girls!! definitely a night to remember!

and no, i didnt get no sleep!

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jodie- friend to the stars!
jodie- friend to the stars!
dame ednas (well, scottish team ph…
dame ednas (well, scottish team p…
photo by: jendara