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geikie gorge- GORGEous!!

so after crapping it about camping (with those lovely little things i love so much) it actually went ok. although it was no bed i managed to get some sleep. and the stars are unbelievable. there are just so many, and you can see the milky way so clearly.

after a morning boat trip along geikie gorge and spotting a few freshwater crocs (quite small, not man eating!) we did an hour and a half walk. yes, in the boiling hot weather! for those of you who are not aware, im not the most athletic person on earth whereas marc, well, is! and apparently they arent walks, they are hikes. sounds much harder work than a walk, eh?!

we had a petrol/toilet stop at a place called halls creek. i dont think ive laughed so much in a toilet cubicle! they look like the toilets you normally have to pay with. so the toilet roll only comes out (2 inches at a time!) when you push a button, the toilet automatically flushes when you wash your hands. you have to stick your hand in the sink to get soap, water then the dryer. well, easily confused me couldnt work out that you moved your hands from left to right to receive them in the right order so just ended up getting wet hands...again and again! and the water went everywhere! even better, they play music while you pee! and theres a sign above the door that tells you if an alarm sounds you should get out immediately! apparently it means you've spent too long in there and if you dont get out you will get caught up in the self-cleaning toilet phase! hilarious.

so this area is where the bungle bungles are, or purnululu national park. beehive shaped massive stripey rocks that are quite unique, apparently! see photos (when i put them on asap!). but to get into see the bungle bungles you need a 4wd, then its a (very bumpy) 2 hour drive. so we get to the roadhouse to camp for the night (yes, camping... in a petrol station. classy) and marc goes off making friends hoping they have room in their 4wd for us to jump in. no luck. bummer.

oh, and heaps of random horses (brumbies) wandering through the camp!

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geikie gorge- GORGEous!!
geikie gorge- GORGEous!!
Turkey Creek
photo by: skippyed