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Im terrible with names...I cant remember what this drinks called...but its yummy.

I didn't believe it when I first saw the address...this can't be right I said...or if it is...Vietnam probably the only place where they allows obscenity in official matters.

The first day I arrived in HCMC, I booked a hotel called Golden Ant Antique. I saw the pictures of the hotel on the internet and without thinking further I booked the place. Little that i know that HCMC is not as small as Brunei...ITS A LOT BIGGER! So big the city itself is divided into 24 districts. This is what happens when you come from a very tiny country with like 300,000 people living there (ok 299,000 people cos I'm in Vietnam).

I wrote down the address of my hotel was pleased with how organized I was.

A ferris wheel (obviously) but it seized to work for ages already.
Gave the address to my friend who waited for me at the airport only to hear him said "DISTRICT 7!?" I was clueless you see ... I didn't even know where the hell District 7 was located and why my friend's jaw dropped to the floor.


HCMC has 24 districts. District 1 is basically in the centre and the number gets bigger, so is the distance. District 7 is like an hour ride from the airport (on motorbike).

I didn't know which made me dumbstruck the most...the fact that my hotel was 50 minutes away, the fact that my friend only had a motorbike or the fact that he didn't have an extra helmet! 20 minutes later, I was on his motorbike, hanging on to my fragile life, with no helmet (we got lucky no police was around) cruising along the dusty road off to Phu My Hung.

Golden Ant Antique...its sister hotel is called Golden Ant Boutique
Yup ladies and cant be any subtler than hotel was located at Phu My Hung (that still made me smile till now)...actually its pronounced Foo Mee Hoong ( but I like Phu My Hung better heheh)

We got lost for a bit and my friend being a guy refused to ask anyone till like I was nearly sick from going round and round in circle. Eventually we made it to the hotel (with some help from a lady who took her bike and led us there). The hotel was new...and very was almost midnite when we got there. It cost me 25usd per night. At the end of my trip in Vietnam I realised that 25USD was too expensive.

My room was decent and clean. A bit small but enough for me. My friend stayed over for the night cos going home would be too dangerous. He told me to move to district 1 the next and I did.

Vegas Cafe and Hotel...where I had my blue drink

A few things to learn about Phu My Hung:

It is an area that is going to be developed into some kind of an expat residential area. It is very westernised and the traffic was a lot lighter there than in the city centre. However, my tourguide that a quiet place like can be dangerous for a single traveller like me as no one would be able to hear me incase I get mugged.

I booked the place for two nights but had to change my plan and moved out of the hotel the next day. The receptionist was not very happy about it but I explained that I needed to stay in a place where it is nearer to where I wanted to go. She was a nice lady and only charged me for 1 and a half day stay. Before I took off for my new hotel, I toured around the area just to see if there was any interesting place to go.

The waitress who took me around Phu My Hung
..not really. A young waitress who worked in my hotel volunteered to take me around, so I treated her with a blue drink which I've forgotten the name. Anyway she was very happy about it.

Time confusion.

Brunei is an hour earlier than Vietnam. That day when I was suppose to move hotel, I made an appoinment with my tour guide . We suppose to meet at 1pm. I adjusted my watch, but wrongly, instead of setting it an hour behind I set it to two hours behind. By the time I got back to my hotel my watch was saying 12.45pm...good I said, 15 more minutes to spare. Then the receptionist told me that my tour guide already came and waited for me for like 45 minutes. I panicked and realised the mistakes that I made. I called my tourguide to explain what happened...and I am telling he was very angry at me. I mean like really angry. He said "I don't like lazy tourist" he might as well slap me on the face. One thing that irritated me was that he didn't even want to believe when I explained everything....and worse of all he asked the receptionist to show him my passport. that allowed...anyway..we are cool now. but one lesson learn...I won't be hiring him anytime soon.

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Im terrible with names...I cant re…
Im terrible with names...I cant r…
A ferris wheel (obviously) but it …
A ferris wheel (obviously) but it…
Golden Ant Antique...its sister ho…
Golden Ant Antique...its sister h…
Vegas Cafe and Hotel...where I had…
Vegas Cafe and Hotel...where I ha…
The waitress who took me around Ph…
The waitress who took me around P…
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