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There were 8 of us traveling together. I was the oddball of the group with my bright-white skin.  All the other women were latinas; my friend from LA , 3 of her sisters and their husbands.  I enjoy the time with my friend as I only get to see her once a year or so now.

After setting sail and enjoying plenty of time on a deck chair with a drink, we made our way through miles of water on our way to Mexico. The trip was during October and the first day aboard ship though sunny was cool enough for a jacket.  

I think all the fresh air made for big appetites, so we changed clothes and headed to the formal dining room for dinner for the early seating.  After dinner we took a stroll around the deck to enjoy the wind on our faces.
  Some of us adjourned to the casino, others exited to the showrooms for comedy and entertainment.  On this particular cruise I recommend the late seating for dinners.  If you select the early seating as my group did, getting back to the ship, getting ready for dinner, then walking all the way to the back of the ship takes a while and I felt as though we had to get back on the ship earlier than needed due to our early dining seating choice.  For those who have cruised before, time spent in ports is too short to begin with, so shortening it further for the sake of dinner doesn't help.

I find the sea to be soothing, the air so crisp, and the stars so bright.  I enjoy the feeling of smallness when not a speck of land is in sight.  I have only sailed in warm water seas, yet I imagine how it might have been on the night of the Titanic.  Perhaps that is why I avoid cold trips as the thought of chilly water sets my mind reeling.

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