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Anne doing cartwheels on the roof
Day 20 we went back into Germany. On our bus ride we had decided to change the words in the song "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR to fit events that had happened on our trip. Some of the girls took it really seriously so when we arrived at our hotel they all went to one room and kept writing. That left us, the boys, to entertain ourselves. Which was very easy. Some vodka from the store across the street led to us commentating TV shows, various sing-a-longs (mostly Crowded House), making Jeremy learn the guitar part to "Billy Jean" and then setting out to some German clubs. Before leaving I went to grab my jacket and noticed that my window was above part of the roof, so somehow me, Anne and Riley ended up out there doing cartwheels.

Day 21 was one of those mornings no one wanted to get out of bed. But we all forced ourselves up and onto the bus for a walking tour of Berlin. Our guide was an American guy who had just written his dissertation on German History and knew his stuff. He walked us around for 3 hours and told us everything about everything. Katherine asked how planes could get past the Berlin Wall, and after our guide telling her they flew out, and her still not understanding, the tour ended in a fit of laughter. We hung around Checkpoint Charlie for a bit before heading back the way we came to see some Porsches, Audi's and VW's in their dealerships. That night we were heading out on the I Spy excursion. Basically a pub crawl through Berlin, but in groups and having to find clues. We picked up our local guide from the walking tour and his friend as team leaders. We split into teams and team 1 left while we had to wait for 5 minutes for them to get ahead a bit. Our new team leader, who we named Wally for some reason, called a team meeting while we waited and handed out some rye while we waited. Then we set off and found the first pub in no time. After a while there we started looking for clues to the next place. Me, Shawn and Wally were talking about Vancouver and he just decided to walk us to the next pub instead of the whole clues thing. So despite cheating, team 2 got the free drinks at the last pub.
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Anne doing cartwheels on the roof
Anne doing cartwheels on the roof
photo by: CFD