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Day 18 started with questions about what had indeed happened to Ben and Jason. As it turned out, Jason was already out and checking us out of the hotel. Ben, on the other hand, no one really knew where he was. And we had to wait to find out because Davo, as he did on our drive from Barcelona, took some sleeping pills to catch up on the sleep he had missed the night before. As we drove into the Czech Republic, crazy rumors started flying around the bus and it wasn't until Jason woke up that we got an idea of what was going on with Ben. He was facing 2 assault charges for fighting an undercover police officer and for punching a doctor when getting treated for the cut on his eyebrow. Jason said he'd be caught up with us by the end of the day though.
Our arrival into Prague was amazing.
We got dropped off at the castle and slowly walked down the the Charles Bridge, stopping every few minutes to see something else along the way. We saw everything from President Klaus and his entourage at St Vitus Cathedral to a sex museum. After the walk we got back onto the bus and headed into town to our hotel. It was a little tricky to park to bus outside long enough for us to unload all the luggage without getting hit by a tram, but everyone managed to survive, just one of the bus's mirrors was hit. After dinner, we headed out to see to Praha nightlife for ourselves. We went to a place called the Beer Factory which was really cool. You pour your own beer from taps built into the table, and race other tables to see who can drink the most. And it was cheap too.
It worked out to be CAN$1.45/liter. I was at a table with Dave, Coffey and Jodi. We were outnumbered, but we still put up a good fight, coming second last I checked or remember checking. But as opposed to attempting to do ballet like one of my teammates was doing for the rest of the night, I walked back to the hotel with Mikki.

Day 19 I went down for breakfast and Ben had returned. Still wearing a prison uniform and with a horrible black eye and stitches replacing his eyebrow piercing, he didn't want to talk about it. After a lovely breakfast and my first vegimite in a while, me and a few others set out on an adventure around Prague for an hour or two until our river cruise for lunch. Not having any idea where we were going, we wandered for a while until accidentally finding our hotel, which was only a surprise because we thought we were on the other side of town.
But the people of Prague are really nice and gave us exact directions to where we were going. Our cruise was fun, we had a very pretty lady with a broken microphone showing us the sights and at random times the microphone would cut out. A few of us went upstairs with her for a better view, all the people downstairs heard was her trying to get the mic to work by swearing at it in Czech and smacking it against a chair. They also got a very different explanation of Christmas in the Czech Republic because the mic cut out at the wrong time. After our cruise we headed back into town, and once again accidentally ran into our hotel. Me and a few other guys went to a kebab shop across the street and weren't feeling to super after, but it was nothing a trip to the nearest liquor store couldn't fix we figured.
Only having 100 Czech koruna's left and not wanting to take another transaction fee, I got stuck with something called Moonshine, that consisted of vodka and absinthe. It was neon green and glowed in the dark slightly. We got lost in the mall. They had just opened it, and we didn't know what floor we were on, or where any exit's were. Nevertheless we made it back to the hotel for dinner and some drinking games, as the weather had turned on us and no one wanted to get soaking wet.
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photo by: vulindlela