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Space Electronic Discoteque
Day 9 brought us to another one night stop, Florence. But first we had a little stop to see the Leaning Tower and take touristy photos. But when we arrived in Florence, we went out for a nice dinner and ran into another Contiki group. I got so see my friend Dayzee I met the first night before tour in London. Dinner was great, followed by a live opera performance, and an old man named Luigi playing accordion and hitting on all the girls. Over the course of dinner me and two other travelers drank four bottles of wine somehow and in total the table we were at had downed eight bottles. Then it was off the the Space discotheque. As we piled into the bus one of the guys in the back pulled out a bottle of wine he swiped, so a few of us had a bit more wine.
Then while we drove along the quiet Italian suburban roads, a dance party broke out on the bus. With not much room and 52 fairly intoxicated people jumping around in the little hall, our substitute driver picked this time to floor it around a roundabout a few times. Nevertheless, we made it to Space in tact. We were all given a free drink of our choice upon arrival. We decided to make the most of the opportunity and order doubles or even triples. Then as the two Contiki groups started to mingle, and the alcohol was in full effect, and the karaoke started up, things started to get crazy. Amongst the blur I remember talking to a lot of different people, singing with Zoe (I'm not sure what song), singing "Summer of '69" with the guys, helping Shawn spread strange rumors involving the Canadian alphabet, getting kicked off the stage, twice, and then going to catch a cab back to the hotel.
Once I was in the cab even stranger things started happening. I blame the alcohol. I also blame the alcohol for the rest of that night and for a lot of things later on that related to that night in Florence. Well, alcohol and Jodi.

Day 10 was rainy again. It would have been okay, but apparently my shoes have more in common with sponges than I thought. So the hours of walking through puddles didn't add any joy to the fallout of the previous night. We ended up seeing some cool stuff though. Then our local guide just ditched us in the middle of town. So me, Shane, Coffey, Elliot, Julz, the Dubbo's, and Kate found the nearest bar and tried to dry off. It was to no avail and we ended up drying socks on the floor heaters of the bus.
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Space Electronic Discoteque
Space Electronic Discoteque
photo by: spocklogic