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this time was a big plane, yeah!
Well, it was time to go to the aiport and leave all the business travel behind and focus on NYE!!! Yay!!! Osvaldo and I would travel together, but just until Houston. He'd keep on flying to Lima, but I'd fly to Austin, hehe.

We were doing the check in, when the lady told us that this bag was too heavy, oh well, he's a rich man and would pay the penalty. Oh no! No matter if he paid or not, he wouldn't be able to have an overweighted bag. What should we do??? He didn't have any carry-on where he can put part of his things, also I wasn't flying with him, so I wasn't able to help him, mmm. No panic! Let's go to the gift shop and get a carry-on. I thought it wouldn't take him longer, but it did! Well, he was looking for the perfect carry-on, haha. One he could use in future travels, haha.

That was clear, but hold on! another issue. A problem with his papers for Peru. No way!!! You must be kidding me... This was supposed to be so easy... The lady made a couple of phone calls and it was ready, great! Now go through security and wait for our flight. I was expecting to chill out while we wait for our flight, but we arrived just when they were starting to board...

Well, we'd have almost 1 hour to rest during the flight...
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this time was a big plane, yeah!
this time was a big plane, yeah!
NOLAs airport
NOLA's airport
photo by: yadilitta