Dec 27th - First dinner in New Orleans at Superior Grill!!!

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and the Margaritas!!!
After Blair arrived we went to downtown to pick up Osvaldo. A couple of minutes after we arrived, he showed up. Ok, now we were ready to go, get some food and drinks. Blair asked me where to go, mmm. "Don't know." was my answer, haha. And he just said: "ok, but don't complain if you don't like what I choose and... don't ask for a salad or I'd send you back to Lima, hehe"

We ended going to Superior Grill at St. Charles - uptown. I have already been here before. Everytime I visit the city, I have to come here. It's a really fun and colorful Mexican place. I was here the first time with colleagues, then during Mardi Grass with Adam, the other time with the girls from the office... and this time just with guys ;) Doesn't matter when or with whom I always had a great time here!

We found a parking place and asked for a table.
Awesome cheese dip!
The place was packed, although it was still early. Ok, we just had to wait for about 30-45min. Mmm, what to do in the meanwhile... let's go to the bar. Superior is well known for their Margaritas. I got one, while Blair and Osvaldo got just Crown & Sprite. We were just chatting and talking about the work next few days. Better go to the office tomorrow and take care of it, so we'd be ready with work on Monday before noon and would have free the rest of the day. On Tuesday we'd be flying back to Lima. Well, not both of us, since I'd stay in the States for NYE, secret - shhhhhhhh!

After 2 Margaritas we got our table. Blair asked for "Tex-Mex Chili con Queso" as appetizer. It was very good. The cheese was just delicious. We dipping our chips with it and the salsa, hehe.
Cheese Enchilada... too much food!!! do you want to share it?
Well, better don't eat too much, since we didn't want to get full before our entrees... Time to order drinks... well, just water for me - this time.

Ok, not it was time to order the entrees. The guys got Superior Platters and as I promised I didn't get a salad. I got Cheese Enchilada, well at least it was Vegetarian, haha. The food was a lot!!! but very tasty too. Of course there was no room for dessert. I couldn't even finish my dish... I was so glad we parked a couple of blocks away, yay! So we'd have the chance to walk at least a bit, haha.

Osvaldo wanted to go out, but since we had to work tomorrow morning... They would come for me around 8:30am! So, better go to bed early and ask for a wake up call to be ready on time ;)
yadilitta says:
sorry for putting the wrong date, but if I wrote 27th this would me mixed with the other entry... :(
Posted on: Jan 06, 2009
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and the Margaritas!!!
and the Margaritas!!!
Awesome cheese dip!
Awesome cheese dip!
Cheese Enchilada... too much food!…
Cheese Enchilada... too much food…
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