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I've been curious about this sign since I was a kid... 

In case you're wondering, Zzyzx rhymes with Isaacs or Zeyezix.  The sign in the picture, which I've been curious about for as long as I can remember, stands on the edge of Interstate 15 near Baker, Ca. 

If you were to drive down the road, which soon turns to sand, through scrub brush around an outcrop of rock you would reach Zzyzx Springs which was intended to be a health resort.  At one time, the health resort did generate some business, as it's promoter and owner, Doc Springer, was a local radio personality and was able to promote it on the air.  It got so busy at one point, according to what I have read, that the nearby post office in Baker, CA was for a while one of the busiest in Southern California.  Unfortunately the resort was doomed because it had been developed on land that Springer didn't own.

I had forgotten about the agricultural controls between Nevada and California. They just waved us through but were stopping RVs and trucks.
  He also sold plots in the area surrounding the health resort which eventually got him in serious trouble.  Finally, he was evicted and the spa is now used by biologists as a research station.  

The project began in 1944 when Springer filed a mining claim on an area of land eight miles long by three miles wide on the site of Hancock’s Redoubt, an 1860 army outpost. Using laborers from skid row in Los Angeles, whom he paid with food and showers, he built a hotel on the street he called the Boulevard of Dreams, an airport (Zyport), and a health spa that included a cross-shaped pool and a mechanical exercise horse that had been in the White House during the presidency of Calvin Coolidge.

Zzyzx also had a radio station from which Doc Springer’s nightly broadcasts were beamed to 221 radio stations in the US and 102 abroad.

Lake Tuendae
On the air Springer played religious music, preached his folksy religious philosophy, and sold his quack curative products: Hollywood Pep Tonic; Antediluvian Desert Tea, a peppermint herb brew; Zy-Pac, mineral salts from the bed of Lake Tuendae, which users were directed to rub on the scalp, then bend over and hold their breath as long as possible; and Mo-Hair, a purported baldness cure.

Springer's only legacy here, is the name "Zzyzx" which he invented.  I remember noticing the sign the first time when I was 14, coming back from a trip to Utah.  Finally about 30 years later, I finally got my picture and the information I was curious about!

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I had forgotten about the agricult…
I had forgotten about the agricul…
Lake Tuendae
Lake Tuendae
photo by: boxinbcn