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Great skiing at Snow Summit!

After Christmas it was time to get a little exercise and some fresh air.  There's plenty of snow this year so we head up to my sister's place in Big Bear Christmas night. 

There's a lot of snow up on the hill and the first task is to remove the snow from the driveway and steps so we can get in the place.  I wanted exercise and I got it!  Actually, a little more than I expected, it was quite a job!

This morning it was nice to be up on the mountain and not have to get up super early to try to beat all the traffic up the hill!  We got up at around 7 and by 8 we were heading for Snow Summit.  I remember skiing here when I was a kid.  Snow Summit was started in the early 1950s, has about 18 miles of runs and was one of the first ski resorts in Southern California to make extensive use of snow making.

Lots of snow!
   So far this year, it looks like they won't have to make too much - nature has been generous with the snowfall in the past week or so.  It's snowing a little and the conditions are going to be excellent. Even with arriving early, finding parking wasn't too easy.  We got lucky and fit right into a parking space just as someone left it!  We had to rent some equipment, but between one thing and another, we were on the slopes by 9 a.m. 

I hoped that there wouldn't be too many people and that wish came true!  It turned out that all was fine - not too crowded, the lines for the ski lifts weren't too bad and we had a great day. 

We heard that the problem had been for people trying to get up the hill this morning.

  on the news they said that it was taking over 6 hours and that some people were just turning around and heading back down.  So, we were lucky to be able to enjoy the day skiing and perhaps the lack of crowds was because people were sitting in traffic.

 By around 4 p.m. I was ready to call it a day!  The high altitude (over 7000 ft) combined with all of the exercise had me pretty tired and my feet were killing me.  Sitting in an office all year isn't very good preparation for a ski trip!  We returned the rental equipment that we had, carried the sleeping little ones to the car and headed for home.  Again, it was really nice to have a place right by the slopes.  Sure beats having to drive home right away!

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Great skiing at Snow Summit!
Great skiing at Snow Summit!
Lots of snow!
Lots of snow!
Had to get the snow off the steps …
Had to get the snow off the steps…
Big Bear Lake
photo by: boxinbcn