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We arrive a little early in Paris and all looks good until I see the line in front of me for passport control and then for the security check.   It’s amazing… At first I try to go through the line, but it becomes obvious that I’m not going to make my connection if I don’t get through quicker.  There were literally several hundred people in line and only 6 officers checking all of the passports.  The line does not move…  Finally my flight boarding time is about two minutes away and I find an attendant, show my boarding card and he sees me to the front of the line.  I do the same thing with the security check. I find an attendant and since the flight is already boarding he helps me through.
  As he sees me to the front of the line I’m able to remove my belt, wallet, watch, shoes…. Tuck everything inside my backpack and make it through without any bells and whistles sounding the first time through! So… if you ever need to make a quick connection in CDG, it is possible, but not recommendable.  Continuing with my story… I made it!! Gate E37 was right there… The first gate (I was sure I’d have to walk to the end of the terminal! • which just goes to show you that pessimists are often pleasantly surprised, while the eternal optimist is often doomed to disappointment!)

So, as I say, I made it! with plenty of time to wait in another line to get on the plane!  It never fails, when the flight is going to the US, things are even more complicated than when flying anywhere else.

  This time I encountered additional security searches between the check-in gate and the airplane. They didn’t stop me, but they were seriously frisking and going through all of the hand luggage of some people. If it’s in the name of making it safely to our destination, then so be it.  All of the security checks these days really do take up a lot of time.

Anyway, I made it on the plane, found my seat and settled in for a long flight.  I wasn’t able to sleep, but there were a number of movies to watch and I had some things to read and some Sudoku puzzles which kept me occupied.  At one point I managed to sleep but when there was a little turbulence the stewardesses came around waking everybody up to check if their seatbelts were on under their blankets… Of course I have my seatbelt on! (Although, seriously now... if something bad was to happen I do not for one minute believe that it's going to be of much help to me...)

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photo by: Sweetski