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Just when it looked like everything was going to be perfect I get an sms from Air France stating that my flight from LAX to Paris has been CANCELLED!  No more information, just that - and - if I want any more information I should check their web.  I was fortunate to have access to a computer, but it was no help at all - their web wasn't working or something, but I couldn't get my information on line and had to call their toll free number - which was swamped.  Panic time. 

I need to be back to work by Friday to sign and important agreement and it looks like I may not make it.  I didn't get through until after over an hour hanging on the phone.  Then the situation seemed to get even worse, basically I was on my own and the only solution was a flight two days later.  So, I’d be back for business on Friday.  I can relax now. 

Anyway, this still is crazy – It’s hard to believe the attitude of the airline personnel – basically “take it or leave it!”  No help, no options, nothing.  No use trying to argue... It’s like talking to the wall.  If I was in a real OK, in my case it's not the end of the world.  I had a place to stay... But other people had a big problem on their hands.  Imagine being left stranded in Los Angeles for two days... All of this because of a snow storm in Paris

So... I get two additional days with my family!  :-)  Even better: I get to go with my daughter Carla for her driver’s license test! She’s pretty nervous about the whole thing and I’m really glad to be able to be there for this important moment in her life! It all went well; she passed the test and got her first driver’s license!  Congratulations Carla!!!  The remainder of the time I spent with the family and spending more money!!!  The things that I had put off until the last minute and then didn’t around to doing fit perfectly into these two “bonus” days!


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