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Travel Purchases
Travel Purchases - Lowepro Slingshot 350 AW, Lonely Planet Guide Eastern Europe, Lonely Planet Best In Travel 2009 Guide, 4 x Kathmandu Travel Pouches, 1 Kathmandu Travel Alarm Clock.

With just under 4 weeks until I depart Melbourne, and with some recent purchases shown above, I though it was time for an initial Trip ‘09 blog post.

My preparations are well underway, I still need to obtain a few Visa’s (I’ve left it quite late, bad me!). I have purchased a lovely new Lowepro Camera/Travel bag, the SlingShot 350 AW, and I love it. My father has suggested that I may have a bag fetish, due to my ownership of two other Crumpler Bags. I disagree, I just like to have everything on hand.

Just in case you haven’t had the experience of me talking about this upcoming trip, I will run you over the basic plan, and
to give you an idea of where I am headed. To do this, I have employed the use of TravBuddy, a travel website with groovy features, like map integration. Map, and full explanation below:

Please note that the links on each of these sections are to different parts of the brilliant site

South East Asia: I am leaving on the 24th of January and flying to Singapore on Singapore Airways. I am then swapping to an AirAsia flight to Bangkok, Thailand, where I plan to meet up with Caitlin and Alex, two high school friends who have been travelling since just before Christmas. I plan to explore Bangkok with them for 6 days and then head to Ko Sao, described as an un-corporate island paradise. I plan to be there for about 4 days, then travel onto Ko Samui to meet back up with Caitlin and Alex. After 6 days in Ko Samui, it is off to Hanoi to meet up with Alex’s sister Jemma, and her husband Tim. There is a little here that will be filled in later, but essentially we plan to end up in Hanoi on the 16th of February and fly to Singapore on the 24th of February. I will leave Asia on the 1st of March and head to London.

London: I plan to work in London for around 2 months, and have made contact with a possible employer, thanks to an old work colleague. This is still a bit to be confirmed, but I also have the possibility of working with a friend of the family on some large festivals and music gigs.

Big BenBig Ben, a photo from my last trip to London

Europe In General: I plan to travel around Europe and see the places that I couldn’t or didn’t get to see last time I was there. I will of coarse re-visit some of the awesome places I visited the first time around. Czech Republic is a definate, along with Munich in Germany. I am leaving this quite fluid, due to the very structured way I visited Europe last time I was there. I want the ability to meet people, hear their experiences and plans, and work from there. I am looking at a Eurail pass, instead of Busabout which I loved last time, but didn’t quite have the killer coverage of Eurail.

Edinburgh: I am planning to work on the Edinburgh Festival, which runs from the 14th of August to the 6th of September, I have made contact with “Assembly” and have a recommendation from a past colleague. This is my last stop in Europe.

United States: This is the second last leg of my journey, and once again too far away to be fully planned. What I do know is that I fly into New York City, where I plan to see the sights, catch up with a few artists from the Melbourne International Arts Festival and possibly meet up with my cousin who will also be there.  I plan to stay for 3 weeks.

Canada: This will be the last leg of my trip, and I plan to visit three friends from my past travel adventure. This is a To Be Confirmed, but I plan to stay for around 10 days.

I return to Melbourne on the 4th of October, with the hope of walking straight into a job on the Melbourne International Arts Festival, thanks to my Secondment there in 2008.

I would love you to stay in touch, and there are a number of ways to follow me, the easiest of which is to sign up to my newsletter, and you can do so below.

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8,929 km (5,548 miles) traveled
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