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The morning began way too early for a morning when on vacation.  We got up near 4 in the morning and took the shuttle to the ferry.  We waited for a few minutes for the ferry until we boarded.  The trip across was very quick as the distance between Georgetown and Butterworth is very short.  More like crossing a wide river then going across an ocean harbor. 

After the ferry ride we walked into it seemed to be total darkness.  I did not see any street like at ferry terminal in Butterworth.  The only way we found the train station was when we walked past the taxi drivers they told us we must be going the wrong direction because there is nothing that way  and then they pointed to the station just a few hundred meters away.  At the train station I was asked if we wanted first or second class and I chose first because second class in Thailand is not very good. 

The best thing I can say about this train was it left on time and was generally on time the whole trip to Singapore.  Now I have ridden trains in Canada, America, Japan and Thailand and this was the worst experience of any train I have took.  This includes the time I took Amtrak from Portland Oregon to Oakland California and the train left several hours late and stopped for eight hours somewhere in northern California for some reason.  The train itself was not bad, I mean it was clean and seemed safe with decent service.  You would think in first class you could find some food and have some entertainment.  The food car had a few old sandwiches and some sort of small rice dishes and that was all.  The entertainment consisted of a homemade 1 hour DVD that played over and over until KL after which we had nothing.   Even in Thailand you could count on some of the locals coming onto the train to sell food whenever the train pulled into a station.  This Malaysian train had nothing and we starved.  We were lucky that we had at least saved some bread from the previous nights dinner and some small snacks that Benny had saved in her purse from some time before.  We were never so happy to be getting off a train as we were in Singapore.

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photo by: ice9van