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Some English building in Georgetown.
My one day adventure with the rental car was over.  Benny was not going to let me drive again for the rest of the trip.  The hotel offered a mini bus shuttle to the main city so we took it in the morning.  First stop was a shopping center that looked like it might have been modern in 1970's. It was full of local though so it was nice just to be some place that was full of average people from this area.  After a hour in a shopping center it was time to explore. 

This area was full of taxi and rickshaws that all tried to get our attention but we decided just to wander the streets.  Georgetown is not very large but sure is crowded.    The narrow roads and lanes are full of trucks, cars and motorbikes.
  It was kind of dusty town too.  My favorite part of the city was some of the old buildings.  Georgetown gets it's very Western name from being a trading town set up by the British opened to compete with the other old Western powers that were doing trading business in this part of Asia.  Many of the older building in the center of town have a very British feel to them. 

We also found the ferry terminal by accident.  Our wanders took us to the ocean front and we ended up right beside the terminal.  In my current job I ride much larger and more modern ferries often but I still enjoy riding other regions ferries.  Of course not as much as buses but still they can be fun.  The ferry goes between the towns of Georgetown and Buttersworth the port city on the mainland.
Ferry terminal from Georgetown to Buttersworth.
  You only have to pay for the ride on the ferry to the island and so you can ride free off the island.  The ride is only about 20 minutes and there are two ferries so the ships leave both ends regularly.

After a few more photos we were hungry so we looked for a taxi for a ride to another shopping center.  This mall was much more modern and looked to be more for the European tourists that come to the island.  Thankfully for Benny there was a decent Thai restaurant on the lower floor as she was having a bit of a culture shock over the lack of her type of food.  After a bit of window shopping we headed back to the hotel by taxi.

This driver was doing his best ot find out what our plans were so he could get more trips from us.  He heard we were thinking of heading south towards Singapore.
Town clock
  Our first plan was to ride the bus back to KL and then the next day ride another bus to Singapore.  He told us the train from Butterworth would take us all the way to Singapore in 14 hours and we would not have to change trains.  The only trouble was the train at 6 am from Butterworth so we would have to take the very first ferry from Georgetown and then walk to the train station.  We decided this made more sense and prepared for a very early morning. 

The last thing we did was go for dinner at one of my favorite places we found on the whole trip.  Just across the highway from the hotel was this simple open air food fair.  The place only had concrete tables and plastic tables but had the friendliest people.
  Each food stall specialized in certain type of food.  One stall even was the place for any drinks.  Each of the owners worked with each other to make sure your meal was good.  It was no problem to buy one dish from one stall and one from another.  You ordered what you wanted from whatever stall  you liked and they brought the food to you.  There even was a hippie type guy that sold fresh bread right out of his basket.  We found this place on our first night on Penang and we ate there four times as it was the best food and great value.  Not sure if the place has a name but to find it locate driectly across from the Copthorne Orchid Hotel.
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Some English building in Georgetow…
Some English building in Georgeto…
Ferry terminal from Georgetown to …
Ferry terminal from Georgetown to…
Town clock
Town clock
Door to nowhere.
Door to nowhere.
photo by: Aurora78