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market street Namba, Osaka
Before heading back Nagoya Station I got up early, only slightly hungover, and explored the region around my hotel.  I was quite weary because I think the door of my hotel was made of rice paper and I got the double whammy of having a room right next to the elevator and the front desk.  I heard the exact details of every check out and request made at the front desk that morning.  I have very little idea what was discussed as of course it was all spoken in Japanese but I would liek to think my subconscious mind picked up some new Japanese vocabulary as I was sleeping.

The previous night Gloria has shown me a little of Central Park and I was able walk to it very easily.  This park is on the smallish side but was nicely designed.  Not sure exactly why I liked it but I really felt comfortable in this part.
  It was very quite though as the morning went by I noticed more and more Boy Scouts coming in so I guess something was coming up.  I only had a couple of hours before I had to go to the train station so I never got to see what was about to happen. 

During my wanders I noticed a bunch of buses lined up a bordering street.  I thought they were just there for whatever event was about to happen but then I noticed they were actually waiting to enter a bus station.  JACKPOT!  Time to take bus photos.  Part of Central Park seems to be built on top of the Nagoya bus station.  Interesting.  I took a quick walk through the station but other then be very modern and squeaky clean it was nothing special.  But at least I got some bus photos.

Off to Osaka

Today I lucked out.  My visit to Osaka was to revisit a city I enjoyed in the past as well as see some friends.  Unlike Nagoya I made sure I had hotel reservations in business hotel in the Namba part of Osaka which by luck was the part of town that all my friends wanted to meet in.  It was almost like I planned it this way.  The only trouble was Namba is a long way from the Shin-Osaka Station which is where the shinkansen arrives.  It worked out well though because I had used the Osaka subway system before and apparently I still remembered how to use it this time.

In the evening I was to meet some friends for one my favorite Japanese dishes, okonomiyaki so I had some time to explore.
I love these narrow street that Osaka seems to have all over.
  One part of Namba is the local red light district but unless you look hard it is hard to tell.  If you can read Japanese you can see what many of the bars "offer" but along the same streets you will find good noodle shops and many other regular stores as well as several Japanese style pubs.  I spent the afternoon just wandering the narrow streets around the hotel.  One of my plans was to go take another look at Osaka Castle but I was enjoying the energy of Osaka I just spent the time walking around.

Soon it was time to get ready for the dinner party.  The previous  day I had Gloria phone Yasuyo on her mobile because I was told her English on the phone was not so good and I wanted to make sure we could communicate directions correctly.  It turns out Yasuyo's English is fine both in person and on the phone she just is a bit shy about using it.  Happily she wanted to meet at the subway station that literally was right below my hotel.

Almost exactly on schedule Yasuyo found me and the entrance to Namba Station in a underground mall.  She brought a "french friend" (Mathieu) and her lovely if very quite and slightly grumpy but very cute daughter (Ayano).  A short walk through the mall appropriately named The Walk brought to us to a restaurant that served okonomiyaki.  The restaurant was huge surprise because I had been here a few years ago with my then wife and her brothe Diasuke .  It was even funnier that I was to call Diasuke in a couple of hours to organize a meet with him the next day.

I love okonomiyaki almost as much I as love hockey, buses and beer.  Not at the same time of course.  Oh yeah in case Benny reads this I love her more then anything.  lol.  We had a very good time eating food and drinking beer (Kirin I think).  Most of my friends and almost anyone that meets me think I talk alot and I just increase this with a few beers.  Gloria had learned this the previous night and Yasuyo learned the same thing this night.  Good thing her level of English is much higher then she lets on or even thinks she has.  As the night went on she got more and more involved in our silly conversations.  We even managed to get her daughter involved even though she looked pissed at the start having to be around a bunch of adults speaking a language she does not understand.  I wonder what she thinks of Canadians now?

Soon it was time to make a phone call to Diasuke.  So I borrowed a cell phone and tried to call him.  Unfortunately the restaurant was very busy and lud and Diasuke sounded like he was inside of a riot so the call was a bit labored.  Basically we agreed to meet at Namba Station but at a different location from where I had met Yasuyo.  After a few more drinks it was time to say goodbye and for me to head back to the hotel.  

The trouble was we came through the mall and it was closed and locked now.  My mistake was I did know the name of the hotel, what street it was one or even have the phone number.  We had to walk up stairs and walk along the surface streets until I saw something I recognized.  Good thing my hotel was right over the mall and right under an elevated expressway and was not too hard to navigate to the area so I could let the my new friends head home and I could get some sleep.

yasuyo says:
It was good time with you. Yes, I learnt in special English a lot into you both!!;)
Ayano also had fun. And she is lucky because she can meet fun guys in Japan and to hear real English. She is studying English now.
But I didn't know that you forgot name of your hotel!? lol
Hope to meet you again!!
Posted on: Jan 08, 2009
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market street Namba, Osaka
market street Namba, Osaka
I love these narrow street that Os…
I love these narrow street that O…
photo by: yasuyo