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Looking at the Singapore train station from the street
We really dreaded this day as we had to get back onto the Malaysian train.  Our first experience was not so good so we prepared better this time.  First thing I did was buy a bunch of magazines so I had lots to read.  We had also pre-scouted the the station so we knew it had lots of food options.  We ate a decent lunch at one of the cafe in the station a bought a few more take out dishes.  The other thing was this trip would be less then half as long as our last train trip as we were only heading back to KL so we could catch a flight back to Bangkok the next day.

The station in Singapore has an odd story.  I had some of it explained to me by the Chinese taxi driver we got from the hotel.  Basically the station is Malay territory that is completely surrounded by Singapore.
Inside the Singapore train station
  He did try ot explain why but between his very strong accent and the fact it is now late June I do not remember the reason.  Probably has something to do with World War II. 

What all the means is it makes a mess of normal immigration procedures.  Once they call for boarding you join a normal line for immigration but this is where it gets weird.  You line up to enter Malaysia before you leave Singapore.  You get the normal stamp in passport and you jump onto the train.  You then ride through Singapore until you reach the international border at Johor.  You then jump off the train and join a line up to leave Singapore.  So really you enter Malaysia before you leave Singapore so it is kind of odd.  Once you are back on the train again, the police from Malaysia come onto the train to double check you went through immigration back at the train station.

I do not remember anything from the second train trip so it must have been much better.  I do remember stumbling into the KL train station and being surprised.  It really is a very modern building and looks much more like the new airport in KL then their crazy chaotic bus depot.  Even better is to take a taxi from the station you must get a voucher from the taxi stand official that shows the exact price to your destination.  This was the first and last time we did not have to negotiate a taxi fare with a KL taxi driver.

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Looking at the Singapore train sta…
Looking at the Singapore train st…
Inside the Singapore train station
Inside the Singapore train station
The platform
The platform