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Beach near out hotel
Long before I  ever planned a trip to Thailand I was told by friends I had to go to Phi Phi.  So as my last week of traveling was approaching we made plans to travel south and see what all the raving was about.  We found a good airline price tp nearby Phuket and flew down.  We spent a couple of days around Phuket and found the weirdest sight.

As many of you know Phuket is normally crazy with clubs, red light zones and wild parties.  This week Thailand was in morning as someone in the Royal Family had recently died.  This meant it was illegal to sell alcohol in all of Thailand for several days. This caused the normaly wild streets of Patong were dead and basically empty of people.
  It was very strange.  Benny and I had been to Phuket two times before so we were eager to go to to Phi Phi.

On the day we left we almost did not make it. Due to some screw up the van that was suppose to pick us up and take us to the ferry never showed.  After many calls we finally got the company to come get us make sure we could get on the next ferry that day,  Somehow it was our fault even though we waited in the hotel lobby for hours and called the company several times.  Typical of Thailand, never their fault.

The ferry to Thailand was crazy busy.  Everyone's luggage was just piled on the deck and everyone crammed into any seat they could find.  Not sure if the boat was overloaded but it was close if not.  Good thing the seas were flat and the ride to Phi Phi was easy.

The island of Phi Phi is just as beautiful as everyone said.  I live in a great city and it is not often I look around and think this is better looking then home.  This was one of those cases.  The only bad thing about Phi Phi was all the construction.  The tsunami of few years ago completely wiped out Phi Phi and they are still rebuilding.  All day you could here wood being cut, stones being smashed and bamboo being smacked.  The good news was due to the fact there are no cars of any type on the island there were no sounds of big trucks.

We basically chilled on the island for three days realizing this was our last few days together for a long time.  The best part was for a few hours we rented a kayak and just paddled around the ocean and found a beach with a bunch of monkeys.
  Neither of us had done ocean kayaking before so we were really tired and think Benny's arns are still tired today, months later.  I am looking forward to trying this again in Vancouver when she comes this summer.

After our days on the beach it was time to return to Bangkok.  After a couple of more days it was time to return to Canada and just in time too.  While I was in Phi Phi the company I worked for went bankrupt and I really had to get home to find a new job.  Also less then 48 hours after I left Bangkok the city exploded with protesters closing the airport for several days.  ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good thing is now I have even a better job and Bangkok has gone through a few months without chaos.  I glad because in November 2009 I will be back for another month.

rubystevens says:
I had a great time over here, thanks

Best Attorney
Posted on: Apr 02, 2010
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Beach near out hotel
Beach near out hotel
The main wharf at Phi Phi
The main wharf at Phi Phi
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